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Clubber claims bouncer punched her in the eye so hard it burst a blood vessel

A CLUBBER has claimed that a “6ft heavyset bouncer” punched her in the eye so hard it burst a blood vessel.

Abbey Jackson said the incident happened when her friend confronted bouncers at 42nd Street nightclub in Manchester last Wednesday over letting men skip the queue.

The 22-year-old said that bouncers allowed the two clubbers in without showing their vaccine passports.

Abbey's eye with burst blood vessel.
Abbey was allegedly struck by a “6ft heavyset bouncer”.                                                                       (C) Abbey Jackson

Abbey, from Hereford, Herefordshire, claims one of the bouncers became aggressive and followed her friend, Kieran Bendix, 28, around the street to provoke him.

The incident then escalated where Abbey was allegedly punched in the eye by him.

The “heavyset” bouncer also allegedly choked one of the other friends, Leon Parsons, whilst hitting him so hard he had a lump on his head.

Abbey claims Leon, 23, tried to record some of the commotion but had his phone taken away by the bouncer and “smashed beyond use”.

She posted about the alleged incident on Facebook yesterday, writing: “ A warning to anyone who goes to 42s nightclub.

“Last night me and some friends went to 42s as it was two of our birthdays.

“We queued up and were asked the usual ‘tickets, NHS pass’ etc and as we were finding it on our phones, two lads pushed in front of us and were let in without showing their NHS pass.

Leon Parsons' phone, allegedly broken beyond use by the bouncer.
Abbey’s friend Leon Parsons allegedly had his phone broken beyond use by the bouncer.                         (C) Abbey Jackson

“So my friend asked why this was. Although a little confrontational, it was nothing extreme but one of the bouncers then gave him attitude and refused him entry, and refused me and the other person entry just by association.

“It then got completely out of control after the bouncer started squaring up to my friend and pushing him around and following him across the street,

“When me and my other friend tried to intervene, we were met with the same treatment.

“What followed was this one bouncer constantly physically assaulting us all, including marking my friend’s face, choking my other friend and banging his head so hard he got a lump, and full on punching me in the eye causing me to bleed, gain a black eye and cause a subconjunctival haemorrhage.

“I’m currently in the process of reporting this to GMP but I thought I’d share this here as to warn other people of what happened and just the type of people 42s hire as ‘security’.

“Before this, 42s was my favourite club in Manchester but after being verbally and physically assaulted on my birthday by a bouncer I will no longer be returning.”

Locals were left shocked by the incident.

One member of the Facebook group said: “The bouncers at 42s are vile, I hope you’re okay!

“I went to stand outside for five minutes with a friend (they were stood staring at us for the whole five minutes) and then they wouldn’t let us back in to get my things out of the cloakroom.

“When I tried to walk in, a bouncer pushed me over and all the rest of the bouncers just stood and laughed.”

Another wrote: “Absolutely disgusting, he needs catching. I’m sorry guys. I wish you a speedy recovery. The club should tell you his name.”

42nd Street nightclub in Manchester.
The alleged incident happened outside of 42nd Street nightclub in Manchester.                                          (C) Google Maps

One shocked local said: “The bouncers here are awful. One had a go at me for waiting for my friends to walk down the stairs before I left.

“We were the only people on the stairs and he screamed at me for just waiting for them to get to the bottom, he was insane.”

And another added: “Oh my god I hope you’re okay, the bouncers at 42s are vile.”

Speaking today, Abbey said: “We tried to reason with them but the bounder kept being aggressive and it turned into him following my friend, shoving him and yelling at him.

“This bouncer was over 6ft and heavyset mind you, twice the size of me and my friends.

“When we tried to push him away he started on us and started shoving us.

“I can’t remember the exact sequence of events because it all happened so fast but he ended up whacking my friend across the face, choking my other friend and hitting him so hard he has a lump on the back of his head.

“He punched me in the face so hard I thought I was going to pass out, later I found out he popped a blood vessel in my eye.”

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