Tuesday, July 5, 2022
NewsHilarious video shows woman turning up at friend's house using gran's mobility...

Hilarious video shows woman turning up at friend’s house using gran’s mobility scooter

A HILARIOUS video shows a woman turning up to her friend’s house on her nan’s mobility scooter because she had sore feet.

Sophia Preston filmed her friend Tiana Morton turning into her street and riding along the road to her house in Warminster, Wiltshire last Saturday.

In the video, Sophia, 24, can be heard in fits of laughter as 26-year-old Tiana is captured zooming around the corner at the top of the road.


As her friend gets nearer to the house, Sophia can be heard saying “f*** off” while laughing before Tiana pulls up in the scooter

Tiana then slams on the brakes and says: “You alright sexy girl? Want a ride?”

Sophia had been in town with her gran shortly before but “nicked” her scooter because she had blisters on her feet and was finding it sore to walk.

Sophia posted the clip on TikTok last Saturday alongside a cheeky caption, writing: “When your pal turns up in her p***y wagon 5000.”

Sophia filmed Tiana driving down the street
Sophia filmed Tiana driving down the road.                                                                                    Credit: Sophia Preston

The clip has attracted over 7 million views and more than 1.6 million likes.

Over 37,000 people have commented on the clip.

Adam Khan said: “Your friend’s energy is great, bet you lot are a right laugh.”

Mia Birch said: “This will be the only thing we can afford at this rate.”

Kyle Anderson said: “How does it not tip over?”

Kayla Timario said: “She’s driving a refrigerator.” 

Rayna Khan said: “I want one.”

Laionosi Vave said: “That’s a vending machine.”

Speaking today, Sophia said: “I was doing uni coursework and she texted me to say she’s out for lunch with her Nan but she had blisters on her feet so she might nick her nana scooter. 

“Ten minutes later she rang me on FaceTime and she was in the scooter in town on her way home, she then came to my house.

“I just didn’t know what to say I just got my phone out and was laughing so much I was crying and called my mum to look out the window and go down stairs as well.”

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