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Amazing video shows Brit baker crafting “hyper realistic” and “life size” Grinch cake

AN AMAZING video shows a Brit baker crafting a “hyper realistic” and “life size” Grinch cake.

Lara Mason gave herself 17 days to complete the bake but after needing surgery and contracting covid was left with just three days to finish the cake before Christmas.

The 31-year-old had already sculpted a similar cake nine years ago but took it upon herself to try and improve her efforts.

An amazing video shows Lara from Walsall, Staffordshire, shaping the character from leftover sponge.

She smooths the sponge with a long bread knife to help the icing spread smoothly and crafts out the rough shape of the familiar Dr.Seuss character.

Incredibly, the gigantic cake is balancing on one leg and depicts the beloved character sneaking on his tiptoes.

The clip then shows the baker adding the final touches with a plastic tool before revealing the spectacular creation in all its glory.

The unique confectionery has been based off of Jim Carrey’s adaptation of the character in the film How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which was released in 2000.

The Grinch has been coloured to show his familiar green fur and is sporting a red and white Santa hat, socks and coat whilst holding a red bobble in his fingertips.

The cake has amazing life-like detail and has incredibly replicated the unique face shape and eyebrows of the character whilst even including his beady green eyes.

Lara shared the video to TikTok on Christmas day, writing: “The one I nearly couldn’t finish!”

The life sized Grinch cake
Lara was left with only three days to complete the cake. (C) Lara Mason

The post has now collected a staggering 19.9 million views, 4.6 million likes and over 29,000 comments from users impressed by the cake.

@Stefanie Perez wrote: “I can’t even put together a gingerbread house properly.”

@Caitlin commented: “Woo! You deserve a medal for this after everything, congratulations !

@Brittany Nicole said: “I feel like his eyes are going to move any second! This is so good!

@Rachel Kline replied: “Excuse me ma’am, that’s freaking insane.”

Jim Carrey even shared the impressive bake to his 18.6 million twitter followers last night, writing: “My ultimate goal is not just to be admired by my fans, but to be eaten by them.

“I wonder if she does an angel food Ace Ventura?”

Lara of Lara Cake Anything isn’t a stranger to sculpting incredible life size cakes.

In September she crafted an outstanding 100kg cake of Jason Derulo after being contacted by the star singer.

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