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Top StoriesHilarious footage shows Mother-in-law face planting playing VR game

Hilarious footage shows Mother-in-law face planting playing VR game

HILARIOUS footage shows Mother-in-law face planting while she was playing a VR game. 

Charlotte Sturge filmed her Mother-in-law Debbie epically falling while trying out their new VR gaming system, on Christmas Day

The 34-year-old from Broxbourne, Hertfordshire began filming Debbie trying out the immersive game Richie’s Plank Experience.


Debbie cautiously approaches the plank with her slippers on. 

As she goes to put her second foot on the plank she gets scared by a family member, and jumps back screaming “ahh”.

As she gathers her composure, she looks around and says: “I am still in the lift.”

Charlotte tells her: “You need to get out of the lift, Deb.”

Tentatively, she makes her way onto the plank, hilariously feeling for the plank and exclaiming that she can’t see her foot. 

Debbie manages to get her following foot onto the plank and begins to look like she is walking on a tightrope.

Debbie walks up the plank
Debbie walks up the plank with the headset on.           C.Charlotte Sturge

In the background one of the members of the family can be heard saying; “She is going to fall into the TV or something. 

The Mother-in-law tries to put her next foot forward, but misses the plank, which is only an inch, or two from the ground. 

Debbie panics and screams, losing her balance and begins to fall to the side, luckily not towards the TV. 

Losing a slipper as she falls she lands flat on her face, as her family bursts into hysterical laughter. 

Charlotte, posted the video to Facebook this week, writing: “When you let the Mother-in-law on the VR, you just know you need to film.

“Anyone had any accidents on the VR yet?

“We’ve all had so much fun with ours, the game she’s playing is The Plank, but if I were you don’t use a piece of wood as it actually makes it feel worse.

“No Mother-in-laws were hurt in the making of this video, I’m sure my husband could have caught her though.”

Debbie missteps on the plank
Debbie missteps on the plank and begins to fall.              C.Charlotte Sturge

The post has received over 5,600 likes and over 2,000 comments in just over a day. 

Social media users found the video hilarious, some even shared their own experiences. 

Someone wrote: “He literally just stood there with his beer and watched her fall to the ground.

“‘I ain’t spilling my beer for no one’.”

One user said: “I got punched in the neck yesterday by my own mum as she was putting presents in the chimney.

“It brought tears to my eyes, but luckily we all saw the funny side.”

A user commented: “Not sure if anyone has suggested it, but you should send this to You’ve Been Framed.”

Another person added: “We love ours and the kids playing it cracks us up.

“I had an accident while playing the boxing game.

“I full-forced punched the solid brick wall.

“Luckily no serious injuries, just a very bruised, very swollen, cut up hand.”

Speaking today, Charlotte said: “We got the VR for Christmas, and all day I was wanting to get my Mother-in-law on it.

“I thought she’d be scared of the plank game and how high up you are.

“My husband thought it would be a good idea to add a piece of wood so it felt like you were actually on a plank of wood.

Debbie falls flat on her face
Debbie falls flat on her face.                                C.Charlotte Sturge

“Then you can see what happened, she lost her footing and thought she was actually falling from the plank 1000 ft up.

“In the instructions it does state that you have to have someone standing close by in case you lose your balance, we didn’t see that bit.

“She was surprisingly fine after the fall.

“Although, the next day she did say her elbows hurt a bit, but that was all.

“After we found out she was ok, we all had a laugh about it.

“I just couldn’t actually believe she fell like that.”

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