Thursday, May 19, 2022
NewsTesco customer fuming over ridiculous £2.50 panini

Tesco customer fuming over ridiculous £2.50 panini

A TESCO customer has been left fuming after buying a “ridiculous” panini that only had a clump of chicken covering a third of the bread.

Tracey Toon-Pascoe was raging after buying two sparse chicken, bacon and cheese paninis from her local Tesco in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire last month.

The 54-year-old opened the £2.50 snack to find a lump of chicken in the centre of the meal while either side was just dry bread

The poorly filled panini
The panini was poorly filled.                                                                                                  Credit: Tracey Toon-Pascoe

An image of the poorly-assembled meal shows a small portion of chicken and pieces of bacon barely filling half of the snack.

There appears to be no butter on the sandwich and a measly portion of cheese lies between the tiny pieces of bacon. 

Unimpressed Tracey posted the photograph of her purchase on Facebook last month, writing: “Tesco you need to sort out who supplies your hot food.

“I bought two chicken, bacon and cheese paninis today.

“I know times are hard and things are shrinking for our money but I would like to taste the filling on my panini.”

Tracey bought the paninis from Tesco
Tracey bought the hot snack from Tesco but was disappointed.                                                 Credit: Tracey Toon-Pascoe

Speaking today, Tracey said: “I bought two paninis as they looked nice, along with other shopping.

“I think they were about £2.50 each, in all fairness I didn’t really take much notice of the price.

“I was disappointed, as there was no butter on it. 

“The little bit of filling was in the middle as per my photo. 

“I know things are shrinking for the money but that was just ridiculous.

“It was very bland. To be honest I only ate the middle bit.

“Tesco is about four miles from me. If it had been nearer I’d have took it back. Hence the post on their site, which they’ve not acknowledged.”

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