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Poker or blackjack: which should you play?

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That’s a billion-dollar question: Poker or blackjack.

Both are card-based casino games. Both are lively and entertaining. Both require a piece of luck and skills.

Of course, poker is said to be the more technical one, but blackjack isn’t so far behind on the technical side, too.

For newbie casino gamblers, it can be hard to pick one from the other.

In any case, if you have any confusion about the two games, we’re happy to sort that out in this post. And if you need help choosing between the two, this guide should suffice, too.

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Poker or Blackjack: What are the major differences?

Difference based on the strategy of play

As far as playing strategies go, blackjack is the rigid one. With a strategy chart offered to players before commencement of play, there’s a tendency for players to stick to just one strategy throughout the game.

In contrast, poker is a very dynamic game where players play with more than one strategy. You have to keep swerving from one strategy into another, depending on the situation in front of you.

Difference based on difficulty

With blackjack, each player is playing against the dealer (the house). As such, beating the dealer is all that matters in the game.

On the other hand, poker involves playing against other players, making it a little more complicated. Even if you’re good, you have to face and defeat other ‘good players’ before you can win. To think your number of opponents can run up to six makes poker even more difficult.

Difference based on social abilities

Technically, blackjack doesn’t require any social abilities. As long as you understand your game, you’re good to go. You don’t even need to pay attention to what the player next to you is saying.

However, with poker, you need a lot of social abilities and psychological skills to succeed. You must know how to read people’s thoughts and actions for starters. Also, you must know how to play mind games on people (bluffing) without necessarily saying a word.

Difference based on chances of winning

With the few points we’ve made above, you can easily guess that blackjack is easier to win. Since you’re playing only against the house, your chances of winning are solely dependent on your own skills and strategy. If done right, you’re almost certain to win most times.

Poker odds, on the other hand, are way more complicated. Even when you’re lucky to get good hand combinations, your chances of winning depend largely on the strength of the hands and skills of the other players.

Just so you know, you can have a good starting hand in poker and still end up losing.

Difference based on mastering

As far as learning goes, blackjack is the easier one to learn. You can learn and master blackjack in a few attempts. Once you understand the basic strategy and how to use the strategy charts, you’re good to go.

In contrast, poker can take forever to learn. In fact, there are poker players who have been playing the game for years who still haven’t mastered the craft. Yes, it’s that hard to master poker.

Just when you think you’ve mastered the art, you face an opponent who’s so good, and suddenly everything seems like a foreign language to you.

That’s exactly how poker can be.

Difference based on profitability

As expected, poker is the more profitable one.

In blackjack, it’s you against the house. And as such, you only win whatever they want you to win. Although some players claim the house edge in blackjack is so little, it’s still not logical to think the house will allow players to walk away with wealth while they run at a loss.

Of course, there will be a margin for profits for players, but in the long run, the house always wins.

In contrast, the house holds no edge over you in poker. Although they take a cut from your earnings, your winnings are solely dependent on the players’ strength on your table. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself on a table crawling with novices and newbies, you can be looking at some guaranteed winnings.

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