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Staple Pieces to Incorporate into Your Party Wardrobe

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The approach of a New Year promises the prospect of celebration. Whether it be for welcoming in the New Year or a special occasion for a friend or family member, we’re sure that you’ve got a few social events lined up that may require the dusting off of your party wardrobe. Partywear is just as much about your outerwear as what you wear underneath. Incorporating staple pieces of clothing into your party wardrobe is essential for creating a structured look that makes you feel strong. Staple pieces could refer to a body shaper that creates a smooth silhouette in which you can layer items on top of, or it could be your favourite, supportive pair of underwear that’s practical and comfortable.  Whichever it is, we’ve created a list of staple pieces for you to incorporate into your party wardrobe so that you feel comfortable, supported and stylish.

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Bodysuits are a brilliant piece of clothing to incorporate into your party wardrobe because they are so simple to either dress up or dress down depending on what you pair with them. For instance, you could opt for a rich, earth-hued bodysuit and dress it down with a pair of jeans or accessorise with gold jewellery for a more striking look. Bodysuits are also easy to layer and worn underneath clothing items to produce a streamlined, smooth-looking silhouette. Alternatively, you could consider a body shaper from Heist, which creates a similar effect and can even be worn as outerwear when paired with jeans and a jacket. Shop their product range for more information, colours, and foundation-wear that is sure to be a staple in your party wardrobe.


Much like our previously mentioned bodysuit, jeans are also a staple piece of clothing to incorporate into your party wardrobe. We don’t necessarily mean everyday jeans that you’d use for food shopping or going to work. We mean detailed jeans, such as ones with a bold pattern/print or ones in a striking colour or non-conventional material such as pleather or vinyl. Like bodysuits, jeans are a simple piece of clothing that you can dress up or down, making them ideal for parties, whether casual or formal. You could elevate your look by accessorising with a detailed, chunky belt, or you could pay homage to the ‘90s and style your jeans with a belt chain. Whichever you opt for, ensure that you’re comfortable and don’t be afraid to make a statement!

Coats Or Jackets

When planning a party, we understand that a coat or jacket is the last thing we think about (or forget entirely!). However, coats and jackets can be a statement with the correct accompaniments, and they help keep you warm, so we feel one deserves a spot in your party wardrobe. We recommend choosing a statement coat/jacket that will elevate your party wardrobe. For instance, you could opt for a belted, faux leather jacket that will give you structure, or you could choose an oversized, brightly-coloured coat that is contemporary and will keep you feeling comfortable all night.

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