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News"Heartless" bride-to-be slammed online after banning anyone elderly guests

“Heartless” bride-to-be slammed online after banning anyone elderly guests

A BRIDE-TO-BE has been slammed online after she revealed that she will not be inviting anyone over the age of seventy to her wedding – including her grandparents. 

Reddit user Strange-County-5848 took to the social media site on Wednesday and posted on the popular thread “Am I the ***hole?” about her unique idea.

The 30-year-old future bride said she came up with the idea so that guests would pay attention to her and her future spouse – instead of tending to elders.

The post on Reddit
The post declared how all over seventies were to be banned.                                       Credit: Reddit/strange-county-5848

Her fiance’s grandparents are also part of the ageist ban – including the 31-year-old groom’s own grandma who suffers with Alzheimer’s.

In defending her argument, the soon-to-be-married woman offers the narrative that the elderly may shout out during the ceremony or start crying.

The post was met with a wall of disapproval from Reddit users who could not believe how “heartless” the couple were being.

The bride’s post read: “I (30F) am getting married to my fiancé (31M) in the fall and we’re planning the wedding now. 

“Both of us have big families so we’re trying to figure out how to make our guest list work with our budget. 

“Our grandparents are all in their 80s and his grandma has Alzheimer’s – she forgets who people are, doesn’t know where she is a lot of the time, and sometimes she just randomly starts crying or yelling and it’s really depressing. 

It continues: “Both my grandparents also have some health issues and demand a lot of care and attention.

“I really don’t want any of this to ruin our big day.

“I don’t want his grandma shouting or making noise during the ceremony or my grandpa needing help and being a big distraction, and I feel like people are going to be paying a lot of attention to them instead of the wedding and the wedding couple.

She added: “So my fiancé and I decided that we don’t want anyone over 70 at the wedding and are making a blanket rule so it’s fair to everyone.

“I think they would be bored and more comfortable at home anyway, and it’s an opportunity for their caregivers to come out and relax and have fun without worrying about care-giving responsibilities for the evening. 

“My fiancé is on board but the rest of my family is upset. AITA?”

Reddit users were quick to condemn the bride-to-be
People explained why they like elderly people at weddings.                                                              Credit:Reddit/PMitten

The post now has over 800 comments which are united in their disapproval of the future bride’s antics. 

Rudebish said: “How heartless can someone be?

“If this were anyone in my family, I’d be skipping the wedding as would everyone else because no one in my family would treat loved ones like that. Shame on you, OP (original poster).”

Gardengoblin94 said: “OP is not only an AH, they are selfish and disgusting in their behaviour.”

JHawk444 said: “If someone has advanced Alzheimer’s, a wedding could be a stressful event. 

“So you have to take it on a case-by-case basis, not put up a rule that anyone over 70 isn’t allowed.

“Plus, so many 80 year olds are sharp as a tack.”

MoonLover318 said: “This exactly, inviting them and saying that they have the option of attending or not but this is just a money saving strategy for OP.”

BaconEggandCheeseSPK said: “It makes me so sad thinking of all my 70+ relatives who love getting overserved and hitting the dance floor at our family weddings.”

PMitten said: “In my family, the over 70 crowd is a necessity. 

“They’re the only people that know how to Polka properly, so when “Roll Out the Barrel” blasts, we all know which dance partners to find.”

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