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Tot stranded in Greece after contracting sepsis while hospitalised returns home

A TOT who was stranded in Greece for two months after contracting sepsis while hospitalised with a twisted abdomen has now returned back home to the UK.

Doctors in Crete told Harry Jackson’s dad, Gary Jackson, that the youngster had the “worst case of sepsis he had ever seen”.

The one-year-old, from Saint Neots, Cambridgeshire, was on a ventilator for six weeks after collapsing on a beach in Crete in October during a holiday with his family.


He was rushed to hospital where medics found he had a twisted intestine, organ failure and problems with his heart.

The brave tot underwent life-saving surgery to untwist his small intestine in November and was put in an induced coma after developing septic shock.

Harry managed to fight the deadly condition – despite being given a 20% chance of survival.

His family thought they would be spending Christmas abroad but Harry defied all odds and returned back to the UK on 16 December.

He is now back on his feet, playing happily with his toys while recovering at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge.

Harry Jackson spent months in a Greek hospital
Harry Jackson spent months in a Greek hospital.                                                                              Credit: Gary Jackson

Speaking today, proud dad Gary, 42, said: “We never expected to be back in England so soon and hopefully we will take Harry home in February.

“Harry is smiling and there have been lots of laughs. 

“He is putting on weight and seems to be generally quite happy. 

“He’s getting stronger and wants to do more, the physios can’t believe it.

“There is a plan, it’s a long term plan but it looks promising. 

“I thank everyone who has contributed to our fund so far.” 

Harry was flown back to the UK in a private air ambulance costing £38,000.

His family will use money raised from a GoFundMe fundraising page which was set up by Gary’s football team shortly after the youngster fell in. 

A doctor in Crete told Gary and partner Annie, 25, that he was amazed the toddler survived as it was “the worst case of sepsis he had ever seen”.

In November proud dad Gary was delighted to reveal that the brave young tot had managed to breathe on his own again. 

At the time, Gary described the time in Crete, while Harry was on a ventilator, as “the worst six weeks of our lives”.

Since being back in the UK, Harry has already underwent an operation at hospital to install a PICC line to help with his nutrition.

Amazing images and video show Harry smiling away as he walks around the hospital ward with his toy walker.

Further surgery is planned for Harry, including one next month which would allow the tot to eat solid foods with the installation of a MIC-KEY button. 

The MIC-KEY button would see nutrition, fluids and medicine go straight into Harry’s stomach.

Harry’s family are also due to meet with doctors at King’s College, London to discuss future plans for him to get a organ transplant when he turns 16-years-old. 

To donate to Harry’s GoFundMe, please visit:

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