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How To Pick The Best Towel For A Spa-Like Bathing Experience 

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For many people, nothing could be more comforting after a tiring day than a long, relaxing soak in a warm bath. Apart from cleansing the body, it also takes the pressure off the mind because of the calming effect of the warm water against the skin and the soothing fragrances of bath oils and soaps. This comforting experience is one of the reasons why spas are popular, especially for those looking to de-stress and reinvigorate themselves. However, the cleansing and relaxing effects of a bath are further elevated in a spa because of the specialized items they use such as perfumed soaps, essential oils, skin creams, exfoliating tools, and luxurious bath towels. 

Can you imagine having a spa-like experience after every bath? Though it may not be necessary to have all the commercial-grade items used in spas in your bathroom, you can indulge in the comfort and luxury of quality bath towels that can make your bathing experience more enjoyable. To do this, you can give your towel rack an update by investing in premium towels that are offered in specialty shops. For instance, Bursali Towels is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing luxury towels that could cater to different bathing needs. 

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If you’re thinking about rewarding yourself with a spa-like bath experience every day, here are some points which could help you select the perfect towel to best suit your preferences:  

  • Check The Materials Used 

The type of fabric used is the most important feature to consider when choosing a bath towel as it could determine its overall quality. Luxury towels such as the ones used in spas are usually made of long and fine cotton fibre. The quality of cotton may vary depending on the origin and how it’s processed, but the best types should have good absorbency, texture, colour-fastness, and durability.  

Aside from cotton, there are also towels made using bamboo fabric which has a high-absorbency rate ideal for after-bath use. Most bamboo towels are also eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. 

  • Determine The Size 

If you want to recreate the spa experience in your bath, you may need to have different towel sizes for various purposes.  

Here are some examples of different bath towel sizes and their descriptions: 

Washcloth – This is the smallest size, usually 12 x 12 inches in width and length. Washcloths are used for cleaning and drying the face after a shower. They can also serve as an exfoliating tool to scrub off dirt and dead skin on the body.  

Hand Towels – They’re commonly used for drying hands or the face in the bathroom

Bath Towels – They’re used to dry the whole body off after a bath or shower. They are usually soft and absorbent, but ideally not very thick or heavy. 

Bath Sheets – They’re slightly bigger than regular bath towels and ideal for wrapping around the body while preparing to get dressed.  

Most specialty towel shops sell a complete set of different-sized towels, sometimes offered in a discounted package. This could be a great deal if you’d like to have all different types available in your bathroom. 

  • Consider The Weight 

The weight depends on the size of the fabric and the materials used. The most popular towel variants available nowadays use fabrics that are light and absorbent yet quick to dry to not get too heavy when in use. On the other hand, some people prefer thick and heavy towels which can get heavy when wet but feels soft, fluffy and comfortable. This is why it’s important to consider the thickness and absorbency of the fabric and choose one according to your preferences. 

  • Pick A Colour 

Some people may prefer specific colours that make them feel relaxed and comfortable. With towels, for example, the colour of the fabric could also influence the level of comfort it can provide to the user apart from its texture. This is why it’s important to carefully select a colour that would suit your needs.  

It may be worthy to take note of how you can maintain the brightness of the colour of the fabric. If you’re going to use pure white cotton towels, they may be prone to discoloration because of constant exposure to moisture and possible pollutants. Because of this, some users prefer neutrals such as grey, cream, or beige.  

  • Take Note Of Care Instructions 

When it comes to fabric care, it’s important to take note of the washing instructions indicated on the label of the towels. This is because if you include your bath towels in your regular load of laundry as it’s a convenient option for you, it may be best to look for a towel made of fabric suited for regular machine wash. Otherwise, it may affect the quality and texture of the fabric and could even cause damage in extreme cases.  


Using a high-quality towel can help you achieve the relaxing and refreshing feeling you desire after a bath. It can also add to the level of comfort you want to enjoy after taking time to cleanse, pamper, and re-energize yourself. This is why it’s essential to select the perfect set of bath towels to best complement your self-care routine. 

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