Thursday, May 19, 2022
NewsEnvironmentAre low windspeeds to blame for low clean energy output?

Are low windspeeds to blame for low clean energy output?

2021 saw some of the lowest clean energy output for windfarms and peak-hour energy prices have risen to their second highest level since 2018.

Energy providers such as SSE reported record low windspeeds and high pressure to deliver on production targets.

Wind energy operators may be wrongly attributing lower clean energy output solely to record low windspeeds.

The low windspeed could negatively impact wind portfolio valuations, investor return and supplies of clean power to the grid.

Wind farms have put out record low energy this summer due to the low windspeeds.

If not addressed the trend for over-attributing low production solely to wind resource could be damaging to clean electricity output across European wind farms according to Clir.

Clir, a provider of asset performance technology for the wind industry say wind energy operators should be leveraging technology to investigate alternative reasons for the underperformance.

According to Clir a focus on turbine availability over maximised performance may be preventing asset owners from investigating power outputs properly.

Andrew Brunskill, Director of Data Science at Clir said: “There could be a myriad of other factors affecting project underperformance – ranging from incorrect yaw or pitch settings, or unanticipated environmental factors.”

He added: “If we continue to place blame for lower performance solely on wind resource, we’re collectively missing a huge opportunity to increase wind energy contributions to the European power mix.”

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