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Could this be the UK’s naughtiest pup? Lab destroys tree, rabbit hutch, chairs and remote control in space of six months

A MISCHIEVOUS Labrador puppy has destroyed a tree, rabbit hutch, chair and remote control during the first six months living with his owner.

Michelle Thomas said her eight-month-old pooch Winston doesn’t even seem “remotely sorry” or phased by the trail of destruction he has been leaving.

Since bringing Winston home in July last year, aged eight-weeks, Michelle says the pup has been on a mission to chew and destroy whatever he can get his paws on.

Winston chewed remote to pieces
Winston completely destroyed a remote control on Sunday.

The cheeky pup started his demolition spree by chewing the underside of Michelle’s bar stools before completely wrecking solar lights in the garden.

He then set his sights on Michelle’s only tree in her garden which he continuously dug up until it finally toppled over – despite his owner being forced to fence it in.

Winston, who’s behaviour is reminiscent of scenes from 2008 film Marley & Me, has now been targeting a rabbit hutch, which he has been gnawing away at for months.

Michelle Thomas and Winston
Owner Michelle with lovable Winston.

His most recent antics on Sunday saw legal assistant Michelle frantically calling the vets after he shredded a remote control into almost 100 tiny pieces.

Speaking today, Michelle, from Falmouth, Cornwall, said: “He has destroyed a list as long as my arm since he came to live with us at eight-weeks-old in July.

“He has destroyed a tree in the garden, bar stools, solar lights, rabbit hutch, dog beds, dog toys, but we love him.

“The tree took just a few days. He started eating the roots and digging underneath and then it toppled over.

“We did put up a fence round the tree to block it off but he ate that too.

“He started with the bar stools, then the solar lights round the garden room, then the tree. The rabbit hutch is ongoing, he nibbles at it, as is garden digging generally.

The tree that Winston toppled
Winston took a few days to destroy Michelle’s only tree in the garden.

The 52-year-old continued: “I came down as usual about 7am [on Sunday] and Winston had some black rubber mesh in his mouth, looking very proud of himself.

“Wondering what on earth he’d eaten, I then saw all the hundreds of bits.

“I was panicking looking for the batteries.

“To my huge relief I found them on the sofa with another load of bits.

“My pet insurance has a free vet helpline so I decided to call them in case.

“In the meantime I started gathering all the bits together so see if I could identify any bits that were or were not there.

“The vets called and we checked Winston’s mouth for any obvious cuts from the springs in the remote, or any signs of damage, but luckily there wasn’t.

“The battery damage was minimal so they were not too concerned about that.

“He’s not been remotely sorry or phased by it.”

Michelle shared images of Winston’s latest antics with the remote control on social media later on that day.

The chewed up garden stool
One of Michelle’s chairs that Winston has been gnawing at.

Her post, containing an image of Winston looking angelic despite his chaotic morning, attracted over 100 likes and dozens of comments from amused dog owners.

One social media user said: “I feel like I got off lightly when my little Labrash**e buried my remote in the garden now.”

Another said: “I love his face ‘Sorry, not sorry’ our little girl ate my Bang & Olufsen headphones when she was little.”

One dog owner said: “If you lift his tail, the volume goes up on the tv?

While one group member said: “Little bugger.”

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