Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Woman claims she was awarded £1 to last her a month on Universal Credit

A WOMAN has claimed that she was awarded £1 by Universal Credit to last her an entire month.

Caitlyn White received an update on her online Universal Credit journal on Sunday showing she has around 5p-per-day to last the rest of January and halfway into February.

The 20-year-old from Warrington, Greater Manchester claims this is due to her being on a zero hours contract at her bar job when she signed up for benefits

The Warrington job centre
This is the job centre in Warrington where people sign on for their Universal Credit.                                     Credit: Google

But after losing her job last month, unemployed Caitlyn was shocked to receive this month’s calculation showing “£1”.

She said this was due to benefits getting deducted by 55p for every pound that is earned.

Caitlyn posted a screenshot of her Universal Credit notification on Twitter on Sunday, writing: “Thank u Universal Credit, might treat myself to a lovely holiday once I’ve finished starving to death (sic).”

Social media users were shocked by the post.

Caitlyn's tweeted about her finances
Caitlyn took to Twitter to bemoan the system of Universal Credit.                                                     Credit: Caitlyn White

One user said: “The UC system is a f**king disgrace on god.”

Another said: “Holy s*t, what the f*k.”

One follower commented: “That’s so weird…hate the government.”

While one reader added: “I’ll match their offer.”

Speaking today, Caitlyn said: “I was on a zero hour contract whilst still receiving my Universal Credit, they took the amount I earned last month and deducted 55p from my Universal Credit for every £1 I got paid from last month’s work.

“I’ve rang them up since to say I obviously can’t afford to live off £1 for a month and they haven’t done anything about it, even though I’m no longer in work.

“It really is disgusting, I was only doing bar work as well, on a zero hour contract so I can hardly afford to live as it is.

“It’s also made me realise how many vulnerable people are probably having similar experiences.

“It’s honestly disgusting.

“Luckily my friends are nice enough to help me out.

“Unfortunately I feel horrible having to do it but considering the Government doesn’t want to help me I’m unsure what else I can do.

“The fact as well that even if I miss one appointment it can affect my whole payment for the month.

“So I make sure to be on time or answer the phone for what exactly?”

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