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Scot pranks apprentice electrician into showing off his tools for fake exam

A HILARIOUS video shows an apprentice electrician being tricked into showing off his tools for a fake exam.

Ryan Bailey pranked Kyle Anderson by sending him a text message pretending to be an officer from the Scottish Electrical Charitable Training Trust (SECTT) on Wednesday.

The 22-year-old prankster from Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, found out Kyle was due to start his SECTT exams to get into college so decided to wind the 19-year-old up.

Electrician Ryan sent a message saying that “due to Covid-19 guidelines” Kyle would need to send a selfie of himself as facial recognition.

He then made the Scots teen send across videos showing off his tools and explaining why he wanted to be an electrician.

Unaware he was being pranked, Kyle immediately sent over everything that was asked for – including giving an explanation of how his tools worked.

At this point Ryan decided to come clean and sent Kyle a text saying: “I just want to say, get it up you wee man” alongside a selfie of himself giving the middle finger.

Kyle shows the pliers
Kyle unaware he was taking park in a prank exam.                              C. Ryan Bailey

Ryan created a video showing the message thread, which shows his original prank message to Kyle, reading: “Due to Covid-19 guidelines we are unable to meet you in person on site before this test. 

“Due to this recent circumstance, we require you to send a selfie of yourself as facial recognition.

“A picture of you and your tradesman in full PPE equipment. 

“And finally a video of you with relevant tools and explaining how you would use them.

“Once we have received all relevant pictures and videos you will be checked in and ready for the SECTT test.”

The video then shows Kyle’s expressionless selfie and another image of him in full PPE gear.

Kyle shows off another piece of equipment
Kyle shows another tool.                      C. Ryan Bailey

In a video responding to why he wants to be an electrician, Kyle is shown saying: “The reason I want to be an electrician is because in the month of September I started coming out and labouring for someone I know. 

“Ever since then I have just been trying to watch everything he does, watch how he is wiring everything, how he is putting stuff up.

“Because seeing everything coming together, for example when you are putting a socket there and it’s going to another socket, I think all that is crazy just to see how it is all powered together. 

“The other reason is it puts you out your comfort zone, I have never done anything like this and I am one of those people that needs to be out of their comfort zone to continue to keep learning and keep bettering myself.”

Another video features Kyle showing off his tools, saying: “You’ve got a pair of snips used for baring back cables, or cutting them. 

“You have got a pair of testing equipment, used for making sure the sockets are dead.

“You have got a flat flathead used for your pins to put sockets on the wall.”

Ryan posted the hilarious clip onto Twitter on Wednesday (12 JAN), writing: : “Pals apprentice has a test to get into college, rinsed him man.”

Kyle finds out it was just a prank
Kyle finds out it was just a prank.              C. Ryan Bailey

The clip has gained over 68,000 views and over 2,400 likes.

Amused viewers commented on the clip and shared their own experiences of winding up apprentices.

One said: “Ask him if he’s had his insulation jag.

“We got an apprentice with that and he went away to the doctors.”

Another wrote: “Hahaha, done like a kipper.”

A Twitter user commented: “Bless him, at least he seems keen to learn.”

And one social media user added: “I think we could get a couple with that.”

Speaking today, Ryan said: “My pal John was telling me Kyle had his driving theory test the other day and he failed it for the third time, so he was worried he might fail this SECTT test as well. 

“That’s when I got the idea to prank wee Kyle, I thought I’d just put the fear in him by saying he has to pass or he would get sacked but then took advantage of the situation.

The apprentice in full PPE
The apprentice in full PPE.             C. Ryan Bailey

“Once Kyle sent the pictures and messages me and John were greeting with laughter for hours, we were showing everyone and everyone was laughing as well and that’s when I decided to tweet it.

“At first Kyle was absolutely raging, John said he was crabbit for hours but on the way home he said he had seen the funny side of it and since then he’s been laughing.

“Wee Kyle did actually have a SECTT test yesterday to get him into college.”

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