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NewsShocking video shows brazen DPD driver's failed collection attempt

Shocking video shows brazen DPD driver’s failed collection attempt

A SHOCKING video shows a brazen DPD driver’s failed delivery attempt – taking a picture of a front door without even walking through an opened gate.

Orlando Pierri captured the footage on his home security camera in Kensington, London, last month.

The driver was scheduled to arrive at the 41-year-old’s house to collect a parcel containing his old computer.


However, his Ring camera caught the driver walking along the street before stopping on the street outside Orlando’s opened gate.

He can then be seen taking his phone out, lining up his camera and taking a picture of the front door without even attempting to knock approach the front door. 

The nonchalant driver then turns around and saunters back down the road leaving Orlando fuming that his day had been wasted waiting in for a collection.

Orlando, a software engineer, shared the footage to Twitter last month, writing: “When the DPD driver passes by, takes a picture of your door and doesn’t try the delivery – but my ring doorbell records it.”

DPD driver walks to the gate
The DPD driver walked to the gate but did not knock the door.                                                        Credit: Orlando Pierri

The video has now received 1,300 views with users quick to comment on their own experiences of dealing with DPD. 

@BBTomCat said: “We had exactly the same today, similarly recorded by our Ring doorbell, what are you doing @DPDgroup_news?”

@yingandting said: “Proof they were there, not proof of delivery though, we didn’t get ours either! 

“Not even a call or message to say our delivery wasn’t coming after all.”

@Lilly_And_Stars said: “My daughter has sat in all day waiting for my parcel, we have a ring doorbell and I’ve had an email to say ‘sorry we’ve missed you’.

“You’ve not missed me, you’ve not even bloody tried.

“Now I’ve got to wait and collect myself, waste of space they are.”

@SeifAttar said: “That is bizarre, what do they benefit by not delivering?”

Speaking today, Orlando said: “The driver was supposed to collect my old computer and return it to Apple. 

“I had a one hour slot for the collection so I was waiting at home for it. 

“On the DPD app I was able to see the driver was just a couple of deliveries away and then all of a sudden I received a message saying I wasn’t at home and he couldn’t do the pick up. 

“Luckily my front door camera recorded him so I was able to prove he didn’t attempt the collection.

“I tried to contact DPD and the driver with no success. 

“DPD seems to be very apologetic on social media but in reality they don’t care and they did nothing.”

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