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UncategorizedAre Juventus’s Struggles Good for Serie A’s Global Profile?

Are Juventus’s Struggles Good for Serie A’s Global Profile?

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If you have been following along with European football in recent months, you may have become aware of Juventus’s recent struggles which have led a growing number of football fans to speculate where the club may be heading as the season continues into the new year. If you are interested in knowing whether their shaky performance on the pitch will impact Series A’s global profile, continue reading to find out everything you need to know.

Photo by Jannik Skorna on Unsplash
Photo by Jannik Skorna on Unsplash

A less-than-perfect start 

In what has become a constant concern for the Italian club, Juventus managed to achieve only seven goals during their first five Series A matches by the time September came to an end this year.

It was also around this time when defensive issues started to crop up with their fifth match, in particular, highlighting a number of problems as they continued to fall deeper into the relegation zone by trailing 2-1 at Spezia which just to happens to be the club with the lowest wage-bill throughout the country’s entire top division. If that wasn’t enough, this also comes after they narrowly finished in the top four last season which, for a club that has achieved first place in the past nine Series A seasons, is extraordinarily out of character.

The departure of a football great 

If the global football scene in 2021 has taught us anything it was that no professional football player is safe. It is, after all, the year that not only saw Lionel Messi leave Barcelona for Paris St. Germain, but Cristiano Ronaldo leave Juventus for Manchester United.

It is too early to say whether this had had an impact on the club’s performance in recent months but as one of the most popular, and successful, football players of this generation, it has bound to have left the club feeling as if something was missing.

Manchester United fans welcome Ronaldo back with eager arms and were keen to buy football tickets at SeatPick to see him turn out in red again. What they’ve seen is an aging superstar who can still compete at the pinnacle of the sport. With the loss of Ronaldo, Juventus may have suffered but Serie A lost a high-profile player.

A beacon of light 

It may have looked as if all hope was lost for Juventus as the end of this year edged closer but with a brand-new manager in the form of Massimiliano Allegri, there is still time for the club to reassert their dominance over Italy’s football scene and resume their winning streak. This is especially important as time continues to be of the essence and the club currently stand 12 points behind the country’s current champions, Inter Milan. The continued resurgence of AC Milan, the constant threat of underdogs Atalanta, and the might of Napoli, in addition to Inter Milan’s ascent, means that Serie A is an open league. Juventus aren’t walking to the title. Atalanta have flown the flag in Europe for Serie A teams, but with Inter, Atalanta, and Napoli all still in Europe, along with Juventus, the league is in a relatively healthy position this season.

Having Juventus, or another, as a team capable of reaching the final-four of the Champions League is fundamental to Serie A’s long-term profile. As long as there’s someone, the league will be able to attract players, coaches, investors, and sponsors.

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