Sunday, May 22, 2022
NewsResearchResearch reveals Brits find looking at photos more relaxing than meditating

Research reveals Brits find looking at photos more relaxing than meditating

RESEARCH has revealed that Brits find  looking through old photos more relaxing than meditating.

Findings from photo experts CEWE‘s research show that looking back at old photos has a significant impact on wellbeing and can dramatically improve mood.

It has been revealed that 32% of Brits preferred to relax by looking at photos whilst just 8% preferred meditation.

Memories of 2021
Research suggests that looking back at old photos can be more relaxing than meditating.

Over a fifth of people look back at their old photo’s multiple times per week, with 65% of those who do being left with feelings of nostalgia.

A further 56% were made to feel happy with  31% feeling relaxed and 14% feeling inspired.

The research also revealed that Brits preferred looking at photos as a way of relaxing to both exercising and listening to podcasts.

Only taking a bath was more popular with 34%.

A spokesperson from CEWE said: “Our photos are incredibly powerful as they hold the key to our treasured memories.

“When we see them, they have the power to transport us back to exact moments and evoke feelings associated with those times.

“This instant boost releases endorphins that can be truly beneficial for our wellbeing, making us feel happy.

“If you’re feeling slightly deflated this new year, there is no better way to boost your mood than by looking back at your photos.

“You’ll feel an immediate sense of warmth and happiness with each snap as you’re reminded of a treasured memory you share with people you love.”


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