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Moschino is selling a hamburger bag for an eye-watering £1,050

LUXURY fashion brand Moschino is selling a hamburger bag for an eye-watering £1,050.

The Italian fashion house has left some shoppers scratching their heads after releasing the bizarre accessory last week.

The seven inch tall shoulder bag features layer-upon-layer of fabric burger fillings, including a sequinned burger patty, lettuce, tomato and cheese slices.

The burger bag
The hamburger bag.

Coloured sequins have been added to the top of the bun to resemble seeds on the pricey fast-food inspired piece.

When opened, the burger includes a layer of what appears to be gherkins surrounding a hollow circular compartment to store small items.

The Moschino label has been stitched into the inside flap of the magnetic-closing burger bag.

Although it is not uncommon for Moschino to create wacky ideas, some shoppers have been left baffled by the design.

Moschino describe the polyester bag on their website as: “Hamburger-shaped shoulder bag embroidered entirely with transparent sequins and decorated with shiny rhinestones.”

The burger bag
The insides of the odd bag.

The brand posted images of the quirky accessory onto Instagram on Friday, captioned: “Moschino hamburger bag on and Moschino shops.”

The post attracted 47,000 likes and hundreds of comments – many of which were mixed in their opinion over the bag.

One Insta user said: “This bag is for McDonald’s employees?”

Another wrote: “This is so lame.”

While one unimpressed critic added: “Has the ridiculousness reached this point?”

Referring to Moschino’s creator director, one fan said: “This is very on brand for Jeremy Scott and I love it.”

Another added: “Katy Perry did it first.”

And another fan commented: “Omg, I love this bag.”

The hamburger bag is part of the brand’s fast food bag range, which includes a takeaway cup, takeaway paper bag and an ice cream sundae.

The burger bag
What the bag looks like on.

Over recent years Moschino has been known for their unique designs.

The fashion giant previously released accessories modelled on a pizza box, a slice of cake and a lighter. 

Creative director, Jeremy Scott, has been designing contemporary pieces for the Italian fashion house since 2013. 

In his early years at the brand he brought out opinion splitting products including a SpongeBob SquarePants fur coat and McDonald’s Happy Meal bag.

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