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“Who quality controlled this?” – Parents in stitches over children’s worm book being given an interactive twist

PARENTS have been left in stitches after a popular children’s book was given an interactive twist by adding a worm finger puppet.

Superworm, written by Julia Donaldson, has been adapted into a puppet book – but the finger puppet itself has been making it difficult for parents to keep a straight face.

The story itself follows “super-long and super-strong” Superworm as he goes on missions to save animals.

Superworm front cover
Superworm front cover, with the puppet poking out.                                          C. Emma Young

Following the success of its standard book, a new interactive version was launched in December last year – giving readers the opportunity to use the worm as a puppet.

The £7.50 Superworm Finger Puppet Book features a hole in each page allowing readers to use the pink coloured sock as a visual element.

However, thousands of parents have been left in stitches after discovering the book, saying they can’t read the book without laughing due to its resemblance of a penis.

Amused parent Emma Young posted photos of the puppet book to a parenting group on Facebook on Sunday, writing: “I was looking for books for my three year old.

“Did you know Superworm comes out as a finger puppet book too.

“I have no reason to post this other than to provide a smile in the frosty, cold and foggy morning.”

The funniest page says "The Superworm is super-long"
The funniest page says “The Superworm is super-long”.                    C. Emma Young

Emma shared images showing some of the pages of the book opened – with Superworm appearing from the middle.

She captured the book opened on a page, reading: “Here comes Superworm! Hello Superworm”, while the oddly shaped puppet pokes out from the page.

Another page reads: “Superworm is super-long.”

Emma’s post has attracted over 11,000 likes and more than 2,400 comments from parents who found the puppet hilarious.

One user said: “I bought this book – for the children I nanny for.

“It gave us all a few laughs. Even my mum with Alzheimer’s.”

Another parent said: “Apparently the opening was originally ‘Superworm is long and pink, Superworm can grow and shrink’ but the author was advised that may not be a good idea.”

Another social media user said: “I’m definitely not mature enough to have this book and not read without laughing.”

Another said: “My neighbour got it for my boy as a gift sent me a text to say it looked pornographic.

“I thought what on earth has she bought my one-year-old, then he opened this.

“The kids are all innocently pulling and poking it. 

“Its hilarious to watch.”

Speaking today, Emma said: “My three-year-old loves Superworm and we already have this book without the added extra…

One of the funny pages
One of the funny pages.                C. Emma Young

“It just made me give it a double look and made me chuckle.

“I laughed a little too loud I think.

“Who quality controlled this and thought let’s put a thin pink skin coloured sock on a kids book?

“Others have also said this does not look like a worm.”

Superworm, written by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, creators of The Gruffalo, Stick Man and Zog, is described as a super-long and super-strong.

He is known for always helping out other animals and insects, including saving a baby toad from an accident and rescuing a beetle from falling down a well.

At one point in the story he offers himself up as a skipping rope for some bored bees.

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