Friday, May 20, 2022
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Foodies divided over chef’s new dish – Heinz Spaghetti filled garlic baguette with melted cheese

FOODIES have been left divided over an online chef’s newest creation – a Heinz Spaghetti filled garlic baguette.

Rebecca Finley, who runs social media account Planet Food, has been inundated with messages from both fans and critics after posting a video of the dish on TikTok.

Video shows Rebecca placing two garlic baguettes onto a baking tray before adding cheddar cheese into the slits on the garlic bread.

The 25-year-old then adds a generous amount of spaghetti to the baguettes before layering up with more cheese. 

The filled garlic baguettes are then placed in the oven for 17 minutes at 180°C before being revealed with bubbling cheese on the top, ready to eat.

Rebecca posted the creation on TikTok two weeks ago where it has been met with a mixed reaction from viewers – some branding it “rancid”.

She captioned the video: “Cheesy garlic spaghetti baguetti.”

The video has gained more than 253,000 views, over 16,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Maxine said: “That’s rancid mate.”

EmmaSmith said: “Absolutely foul.”

AaliyahDyer said: “Rancid.”

Filled with cheese
The filled the baguette with cheese.

MatthewEmery said: “Not great.”

However, AlixBryonie said: “OMG this looks amazing, how long in the oven?”

XSienna1402X said: “That looks well good.”

Emhll said: “Omg that looks amazing, not gonna lie.”

Heinz UK also responded, writing: “Giving us Halloween vibes and we’re here for it.”

The filled the baguette with cheese
The filled the baguette with spaghetti and cheese.

Speaking today, Rebecca said: “It was delicious – we all loved it.

“We had done something similar with Heinz beans before which people seemed to love, and someone requested we make it with spaghetti instead – it worked well.

“We can’t say much about what we have planned, but we do have a whole month’s worth of recipes similar to the garlic bread spaghetti one coming up.” 

A bar in Scotland recently faced ridicule after creating a Heinz based menu including dishes such as ravioli on toast. 

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