Monday, May 16, 2022
UncategorizedVisionary Trey Colley Shares His Wisdom on Life & Business

Visionary Trey Colley Shares His Wisdom on Life & Business

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There is a massive transition of wealth that is going on in this decade and numerous people are capitalizing on this momentum. Entrepreneurs such as Trey Colley have mastered the art of making money from anywhere in the world and making investments that continue to build their wealth. Trey is a successful entrepreneur and the co-founder of QuickJump and BlueChipEcom, two companies doing over seven figures in sales per year. He has one of the biggest business portfolios for his age group and has grown thousands of personal and online brands. At the age of 22, Trey has built a reputation in the industry with his unique benevolent personality that allows him to get along with numerous industry players, including celebrities.

An established entrepreneur, Trey has been vocal in encouraging other people to be bold and go after what they desire in life. According to him, you are exactly where you thought you’d be five years ago. The truth is that you create your future self whether you like it or not. He wants you to appreciate that the only time is now, and whatever you do at the moment will affect your future.

“It’s imperative that people take care of their mind and overall health. Invest into your mind, body, and spirit. It is your temple. I even went to the lengths of spending $6,000 to get expert guidance in this field. Ensure that you’re reading every day. More specifically, reading the right books that will act as mentors for you to hit your goals. Get recommendations from people in the position you want to be in. Focus on building and growing your relationship with God. If God is left out of the picture, nothing matters. He is the only one you can truly count on in the end,” explains Trey

Trey advises that you take a percentage of your profits every month and invest that money in stocks, crypto, real estate, your business, yourself, but make sure you do your due diligence on the investment beforehand. Spend time building your brand, for it’s your digital business card and can determine your future. Also, perception is reality; if people perceive you are a certain person and if your actions prove that perception, you will manifest success.

A visionary entrepreneur, Trey is looking forward to diversifying and pursuing his long-time tech aspirations. He has been involved in many startups, and he wants to be the mastermind behind a global tech company. His goal is to make life better for both businesses and consumers. He would also love to travel worldwide as a speaker, author, and YouTuber. Within 5 years, Trey hopes to have his YouTube channel with over a million subscribers.

Trey adds that none of his goals have much to do with money, but he is sure to get compensated for the work he does. He believes all entrepreneurs should avoid getting bogged down chasing dollars, which is a foolish move. Instead, what they should be chasing is freedom and enlightenment. Money happens to make that easier. He is confident the name Trey Colley will be known worldwide.

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