Thursday, May 19, 2022
BusinessScottish creative agency introduces four day working week

Scottish creative agency introduces four day working week

A SCOTTISH business has formalised a four-day working week.

Creative agency LUX has announced its introduction of a shorter working week, with no reduction in salary as part of all employee contracts.

The agency reported that since introducing a reduced working week, the company’s overall efficiency has increased by 24%. This has resulted in a 30% increase in profitability.

LUX founders
LUX founders Mhairi MacLeod and Alice Will believe that employees will benefit from the change.

The announcement comes as businesses across the UK are set to trial a reduced working week this year.

The agency which specialises in the food and drink sector adopted the forward-thinking approach to give employees an enhanced work life balance.

Co-Founder of LUX, Alice Will said: “The world of work and traditional 9-5 convention needs to evolve to meet modern day life.

“We’ve taken a holistic view on business management and find our people and creativity thrive in a culture where the team feel nurtured, energised and autonomous in their roles.

 “Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive and is proof that decreasing working hours/days optimises performance and increases productivity – offering both a better balance for our team and increased profitability for the business. It’s a win-win!”

Working in partnership with Magenta HR, LUX undertook a comprehensive consultation and pilot scheme over a period of two years.

The four-day working week has been introduced on an elective basis and all LUX employees have welcomed the change.

Gayle Templeton, HR Consultant at Magenta HR said: “Adopting a progressive approach to ways of working, LUX is one of the businesses at the forefront of the four-day work week conversation taking place in the UK right now.

 “With trials of a four-day week set to launch across the world this year, LUX’s success shows businesses can expect to see increased productivity and profitability. In addition, we anticipate longer-term pros of more flexible working will include decreased absences and increased employee retention.”


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