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“Only in Wishaw” – Hilarious video shows cyclist and passenger unintentionally recreating E.T. scene

A HILARIOUS video shows a Scots cyclist and his passenger unintentionally recreating a scene from the hit movie E.T.

Shane Cahill was shocked after spotting a woman being cycled around on a cyclist’s handlebars in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, last week.

The 23-year-old captured a video of the duo riding along the pavement on the bike and moving almost as fast as the cars.

Neither of the dangerous pair are wearing helmets as they hurtle down the pedestrian walkway on the mountain bike.

The female passenger can be seen leaning back into the arms of the cyclist while sitting on the handlebars – positioned at the front like lovable alien E.T.

The woman’s legs are hanging just over the front wheel while the pair navigate at speed through the Scots street.

Sales assistant Shane posted the bizarre clip onto Twitter on Sunday, writing: “Only in Wishaw.”

The post has received over 3,700 likes and more than 350 likes.

The pair blaze down the high street
The pair blaze down the high street.

Viewers found the clip hilarious and likened it to 1982 sci-fi movie, E.T.

@Marcmfc said: “Wishaw’s version of ET.”

@Foreverwell91 said: “Needs some air in those tires and less in his nut.”

@fisherrr7 said: “Definitely waited too long for an ambulance.”

@Silkybhoy said: “Is that an Uber.”

@Jamiecall007 simply added: “F*****g hell man.”

Speaking today, Shane said: “I was out shopping with my girlfriend and we turned at the lights at the Waverley pub onto Wishaw Main Street and next thing we knew we were driving alongside the biker and his passenger.

“I only stay just round the corner from the Main Street so it was pretty funny to see that two mins after leaving the house.

The pair emulate E.T
The pair emulate E.T.

“The video kind of sums the people of Wishaw up – a little random and unintentionally funny.

“I was laughing at how fast they were going but had to contain myself when recording it.”

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