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Huge hoard of bikes outside house becomes unofficial landmark

A HUGE hoard of bikes outside a house in London has become an unofficial biking landmark for cyclists.

Simona Sopagaite snapped an image of a mountain of bikes and parts outside the property in Herne Hill, South London, earlier this month. 

The keen cyclist found the hoard of around 100 bicycles stacked up on top of each other on a route planning app and added it into her route to Dulwich College.

The home in the South London
The home in the South London.

In the pile there are a variety of different styles of bikes; mountain bikes, utility bikes, children’s bikes and, along with single frames and tyres. 

A sign is placed outside the bike enthusiast’s home offering bike fixing services. 

The sign also offers the bikes for sale and tells potential buyers they can try them for ten minutes before purchase.

There is just enough space left to get into the front door of the house.

Simona posted a photo of the bike home on Facebook last week, writing: “Someone somewhere in Herne Hill is very busy with fixing bikes.”

The post has received over 250 likes and dozens of comments from social media users.

Kente H Clarke said: “I wonder if Jacob Rees Mogg’s nicked penny farthing is under that lot.”

Michael Miller said: “So that’s where my bike is.

The home in the South London.
The sign set up outside the landmark home.

“I bet it’s at the bloody bottom too.”

Chris Bell said: “This guy is an absolute legend if you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting him. 

“I lived 100 yards away and regularly took my bikes there. 

“Gentle soul with a heart of gold.”

Mike Woof said: “Sam the Wheel – practically an institution on Railton Rd in Brixton.”

Przemek Maria Michalski said: “Lived there, opposite. 

“Really good people, I miss them.”

Speaking today, Simona said: “I saw that some Komoot user added it as a highlight and I found it interesting and added to my cycle plan.

“I was wondering why they are there and will they be piling them up to the top of the house.

“Then when I read the text on a board it made more sense.

“Me and my partner just were staring at it and examining the bikes.

“It’s a very bizarre place.”

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