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Shocking video shows BMW driver fleeing the scene after speeding down road and crashing

A SHOCKING video shows the moment a BMW driver fled the scene after speeding down a road and crashing.

Hodoroja Mihail captured the reckless BMW driver crashing into the back of a silver Skoda in Leicester, East Midlands, on Wednesday.

Dashcam footage shows the car hurtling along a road before the Skoda pulls out onto the same road.

Unable to slow down in time, the BMW driver slams into the back of the Skoda, leaving a trail of smoke billowing from its bonnet. 

Warehouse worker Hodoroja, 32, is shown turning into the road behind the crashed vehicles where two doors on the BMW are open.

A man wearing a light grey jumper and trainers is then shown fleeing the scene, leaving the damaged vehicle abandoned.

Another person that was sat in the front passenger seat also runs from the scene in the same direction.

At this point the car can be seen rolling down the road and crashing into another parked vehicle on the street.

The car began to smoke
The car began to smoke.

Hodoroja tried to follow the driver running from the crash but the man escaped through gardens.

Hodoroja, from Leicester, shared the clip on social media on Wednesday, writing: “Bum…” 

Speaking today, Hodoroja said: “In the video you can see how the BMW crashes into the Skoda, he was driving too fast. 

“I followed him but he ran into the gardens. I’m not a policeman so I didn’t follow him into the private area. 

“I think the car is stolen, the driver was drinking after a long night, or he doesn’t have insurance or a driving license.

“I understood that because he ran, something was wrong. I tried to stop the guy and when he ran he fell a couple of times, thinking for fear that he would be arrested.

The driver flees
The driver flees the scene of the crash.

“I didn’t follow him into the private area, I just called the police.”

A spokesperson for Leicestershire Police today said: “We can confirm we received a report at around 9.10am on Wednesday 26 January of a road traffic collision in Narborough Road, Leicester.

“It involved three vehicles – a grey BMW 5 series, a white Ford Focus and a silver Mazda 6 Nav.

“No injuries were reported.

“The driver of the BMW left the scene before police arrived.

“Enquiries are ongoing into the incident.” 

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