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How to Protect your Business with Device Fingerprinting

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eCommerce is especially susceptible to the intrusion of all kinds of online fraudsters. Account takeovers, phishing, identity theft, and other methods of scammers lead to financial and reputational losses. That is why eCommerce fraud detection has gained so much attention from the side of different agencies that develop and provide Anti-Fraud tools.

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Device Fingerprinting on Guard of Your Business

Today fraud detection is inconceivable without such tools as device fingerprinting. The technology of device fingerprinting assumes an assignment of an identifier to the device based on its unique combination of hardware and software identifiers. This Fraud Prevention mechanism allows 

  • gathering statistics on users of your internet resources. You will know your newcomers, permanent users, occasional guests. You will know which pages were visited by users, what they did before. For anonymous users gathering this data is impossible. That is why fraud detection necessitates device fingerprinting technology.
  • building internal analytics. On the one hand, this analytics will help you to increase the efficiency of your business. From the other side, it will allow the detection of potential or real scammers. Even when cookies are disabled, device fingerprinting will allow identifying users. 

eCommerce Fraud Detection with Covery

Working in the field of fraud prevention since 2016, Covery online platform has saved businesses of its numerous customers from scammers. Companies from Europe and the USA benefit from its advanced fraud detection tools. Device fingerprinting is one of them. Covery has elaborated powerful device intelligence technology that allows you to gather device data for your needs. It is actively used for detecting such types of eCommerce fraud:

  • Payment fraud
  • Account takeovers
  • Bot attacks, etc.

To increase your business protection, you can combine device fingerprinting with other products by Covery:

  • KYC Automation procedure that assumes mandatory verification of the identity of the client.
  • Trustchain: global reputation database created for estimating the reputation of your potential customers or partners.
  • Customizable machine learning, etc.

The huge database of different cases allows Covery to search numerous advanced mechanisms applied by fraudsters. Covery studies more than 5 million unique user events daily. That gives it the possibility to combat fraud more effectively and outpace scammers in the development of different technologies. 

Device fingerprinting is one of the most effective and reliable technologies for fraud prevention. If you need some universal means to combat fraud, try to do it with device fingerprinting from Covery. It will be your responsible assistant that will guard the interests of your business!

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