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Macropay in Review: A Tale of Growth

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Only innovative companies can survive during this era of physical restrictions and hyper digitalisation. Among the survivors, only a handful can scale up sustainably.


Through Macropay’s significant strides in fintech innovation, the company has secured its rightful leadership position in the Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) and Open Banking landscape.

Multiple Macropay reviews also showcase that businesses attribute the increase in their cash flow to this fintech company’s payments solution.

Bringing APMs in One Place

Macropay consolidated in-demand APMs across Europe such as giropay, iDeal, Multibanco, EPS, Bancontact, Sofort and Przelewy24 under one efficient gateway. They also give access to open banking for merchants through one secure payments system. Through their streamlined integration, customers and merchants can transact safely.

As this fintech continues to help businesses in Europe, their current positioning allows them to take yet another forefront spot on the list of accelerators in the FinTech industry.

From Humble Beginnings

From its beginnings as a start-up, Macropay’s top-talent team scaled the business to become the multimillion-Euro company that it is today. Throughout this incredible journey, the company prides itself in its impeccable recruitment process. From where it stands now, there is no foreseeable sign of slowing down.

Towards International Success

It is not at all surprising that Macropay considers only the best applicants from each relevant field. At least twenty experts are lining up for each of their recent vacancies. Top talents from all over the world are showing keen interest and are hoping to be part of this rapidly evolving company – and rightfully so. This fintech company has helped countless merchants generate 7-figure incomes and onboard new clients, all while providing unparalleled growth opportunities for its in-house team members.

International talents tend to gravitate towards growth-oriented companies like Macropay and likewise, Macropay welcomes growth-oriented talents. The term “exponential business growth” is an understatement when it comes to this fintech company. The same level of growth can be expected for those who are part of their team.

A Career at Macropay

Macropay makes sure that each team player adopts a global mindset – always looking forward to innovating both the local and international markets. This enabled them to quickly evolve from just servicing some European territories to becoming the APM and open banking gateway of choice for the entire region.

This fintech company intends to stay ahead of the game by continuously developing more solutions to streamline payment processing in larger areas of the globe. It is not difficult to see that their projection is up.

Under the challenges of the global pandemic, Macropay has proven that with the right team, businesses flourish despite adversity.

If you have what it takes to keep up with Macropay’s exponential growth, check out these vacancies. If you are more proactive and believe that you belong in a high-performing team, get in touch with them through [email protected]

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