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Sainsbury’s customer raging after discovering pricier large cucumbers with same “length and girth” as cheaper ones

A SAINSBURY’S customer has blasted the supermarket after discovering their extra large cucumbers cost an extra 32p more than whole ones that are the same size.

Simon Harris made the discovery when comparing a 75p large cucumber and a 43p whole cucumber at his local Sainsbury’s in Rayleigh, Essex, two weeks ago.

The 38-year-old dad noticed that both were almost visibly identical but one was almost double the price.

The similarly-sized cucumbers
The similarly-sized cucumbers, with different prices.

Eagle-eyed Simon said he compared both the “length and girth” of the veg and the cheaper whole cucumber actually looked slightly longer.

The products have identical nutritional information on Sainsbury’s website and state they are grown in the same countries; Israel, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom.

Simon took to Facebook shortly after to hit out at the retailer and telling the public to “stay wise to the tricks”.

He wrote: “Absolutely outrageous stuff going on in Sainsbury’s tonight.

One of the prices
The ‘whole cucumber’ price.

“As you can see, a ‘whole cucumber’ is 43p, while a ‘large cucumber’ is 75p – they’re the same b***** size. 

“I might as well just take the extra 32p and burn it or throw it in that statue of the two dogs by the checkout. 

“As you can see from my photo, the length and girth of each cucumber are pretty much identical. 

“This is 2022 Britain people – stay alert, stay wise to the tricks.”

The post has received over 1,600 likes and more than 800 comments from shoppers who were equally as fuming.

Julie Noble said: “Actually the whole cucumber looks slightly larger than the large cucumber, which is also whole. 

“Total rip off.”

The large cucumber
The ‘large cucumber’ price.

Eleanor Whitlam said: “Stopped shopping in Sainsbury’s last year. 

“Veg and fruit are never as good as other super markets. 

“This just seals the deal. Daylight robbery and they should be ashamed.”

Sharon Matson said: “Sainsbury’s are really naughty at this. 

“So many times I’ve caught them selling bigger boxes of teabags but you can buy the same quantity in two smaller boxes cheaper.”

Christine Ryder said: “Use your greengrocer half the price, less plastic and quite often local produce.”

Speaking today, Simon said: “I was angry. 

“Not so much for me, but for all of the other people who have needlessly paid more for a cucumber of a similar length and girth.

“There was literally nothing different.

Simon Harris
Simon Harris, 38.

“At very close inspection, you could even argue that the more expensive one was a tad fleshier.

“I imagine that those very hard working people on the shop floor don’t have any say when it comes to cucumber pricing. 

“I believe this discrepancy has come from the very top.”

The Sainsbury’s website advertises both a whole cucumber and large cucumber as having 100g servings.

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