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Fashion eCommerce: Trends To Capitalize On In 2022

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The fashion eCommerce industry is an industry that has invariably proudly sported change. Change is a vital part of the fashion industry’s identity, surfacing almost every season year after year. However, the year ahead is always expected to result in more drastic transformations. 

As consumers and retailers navigate through the after-effects of the pandemic, there are new looks to try on in the fashion industry. With sustainable yet affordable clothing on the rise, consumers look to make the most out of each purchase. Though apparel returns in fashion ecommerce are inevitable, capitalizing on new trends can benefit and help upscale the business to much significant extent. 

Here we have compiled a list of a few worthy eCommerce fashion trends for your eCommerce store in 2022. Have a look. 

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  • ReCommerce goes mainstream

ReCommerce or reverse commerce is the process of renting or reselling, which is also popularly known as thrifting, previously owned apparel on online platforms or stores. Consumers are now switching to buy clothes via more economical or sustainable methods instead of investing in brand new ones. 

Besides, as more conversations persist around saving the environment and the international economy tries to rebuild post-pandemic, the reCommerce and rental market will only flourish further.

  • VR & AR clothing try on experiences

As the digital world continues to develop and change, more and more, fashion eCommerce retailers are trying to retain existing customers and attract new ones adopting virtual reality and augmented reality in fashion retail. 

One route that fashion retailers are primarily concentrating on is AR and VR dressing room experiences. These experiences let visitors picture themselves in a brand’s clothing without necessarily requiring them to visit the store in a compelling attempt to purchase. 

As labels look to reinvent their approaches of acquisition and conversion, VR and augmented reality in fashion retail will continue to expand into must-have abilities for all significant fashion eCommerce retails. Learn more about AR tools by going through today!

  • Sustainable and ethical are the new raven

The fashion industry has long been blamed for its harmful effects on the surroundings and lauded as one of the most pollutive industries functioning across the globe. On average, it costs the environment 75lbs of CO2 to create a pair of jeans, while 700 gallons of H2O are gauged to produce a new t-shirt. Perhaps worse, 208m lbs of rubbish are rendered just by buying and then eradicating or disposing of single-use garments.

However, as fashion integrates ethics throughout its lines, the new consumer, the conscious ones, emerges. The conscious consumer is well aware of what comes into play. Thus compelling the fashion eCommerce retailer to incorporate values of sustainability, resale, environmental, and human ethics in their production. 

Bottom Line

Fashion is intended to meet and conquer new frontiers. With every change, style returns to its origins of accessibility and originality, engaging new audiences with technology and adjusting its significances and ethics to cater to a genderless and sustainable fashion.

For eCommerce fashion retailers, it’s the moment to try on these easily transitional changes to get ahead of the rush! You can even look here to learn more about the hacks. 

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