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Video shows huntsman “threatening” saboteur in an open field

A SHOCKING video shows a saboteur being “threatened” by a rider on horseback after disrupting a hunt in Northern Ireland.

A member of animal campaigner group Hunt Saboteurs Northern Ireland captured the footage on the outskirts of Ballygowan in County Down, Northern Ireland last Saturday.

Video shows both the saboteurs and members of the North Down Hunt engaging in an inaudible heated discussion before one of the rider’s charges along with his horse.


The rider is then shown kicking his horse and pulling at its reins while just inches from a sab group member, known as Sam.

The rider on horseback then appears to try and intimidate Sam by following closely behind him on his horse.

At this point, the person filming says: “Here, watch, he’s behind you.”

The rider can then be heard saying: “Touch that horse again and I will break your f*****g neck.”

The huntsman forced his horse into the sabs
The huntsman tries to intimidate the saboteurs.                                                                                   Credit: HuntsabsNI

The huntsman then turns away before turning back towards his group as the person filming tells him that he caught his comments on film.

A sab member claims a heated exchange erupted when one of their team tried to help a hound that was trapped in a gate.

Hunt Saboteurs Northern Ireland shared their footage on social media last week, writing: “This is a video from a different angle yesterday.

“You can see how they are trying to intimate and force a sab into the ditch.

“Then you can see the rider trying to intimate another sab by forcing their horse into them and then you can hear him saying that he will break their neck.”

The clip has been viewed over 1,400 times and received more than 80 retweets.

Social media users were quick to condemn the hunt for their actions while praising the self-control of the saboteurs. 

Lucas North said: “How on earth you guys keep your calm and don’t drag them off their horses I don’t know.”

B.Wrigley said: “You guys are very patient people. I’d lose my s**t if someone tried to intimidate me like that.”

James Harper said: “Your self control is exceptional.”

Helen Wallage said: “Thuggery and attempted assault. Hope everyone’s ok.”

Choc Barnes said: “It’s just a really weird hobby. Why on earth would you want to do this? Strange people.”

Neil Bennett said: “Jeez, poor horse.”

Fox hunting is still legal in Northern Ireland, the only part of the United Kingdom which allows riders to hunt foxes whichever way they please. 

England, Scotland and Wales all brought in legislation which banned certain aspects of fox hunting meaning that a fox must now be flushed out into open fields before being shot. 

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