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Owner of ‘Fake Taxi’ lists cab for £1,200 after saying it “served its purpose”

AN OWNER of a ‘Fake Taxi’ has listed their cab for sale for only £1,200 after saying that it’s “served its purpose”.

Lisa Pethick from Gunnislake, Cornwall, listed the customised black Hackney cab for sale on Facebook Marketplace last week. 

Images show the taxi with the words Fake Taxi emblazoned around the side in the same colour and font used in adult movies.

The "Fake Taxi" for sale
The cab for sale.

The ‘Fake Taxi’ brand is known for featuring in pornography films where a taxi driver pulls up to pick up clients who then pay for their fare in alternative ways. 

Seller Lisa said her family bought the taxi to do up for a summer ball event, saying that it was the “talk of the evening”.

They also used it for personal use as a family car.

Amused social media users have been leaving jokes on the odd listing – with some saying that potential buyers certainly wouldn’t be able to use it for the school run.

The listing read: “London Taxi LTI ‘Fake Taxi’ livery.

“2.4 turbo diesel transit engine. 200k miles.

“Had a full respray in metallic black in October 2021.

“With a working taxi light and meter.

“Comes with the disabled entry ramp too.

“The interior speakers/ lights etc all work from rear and from the front console.

“We bought this to do up as a summer ball request so it has served its purpose, and it was the talk of the evening.

“We’ve also used it as our general family car.

“Private sale: £1,200 ono. 

“Or enough interest, I may raffle it off.”

The post has garnered over 250 comments, more than 200 shares and over 150 likes.

Alexandra Lexi Baranova said: “New family vehicle for the school runs?”

Barry Gunn said: “Does it c*complete with big d* John the driver?

Tom Bayford said: “What’s the condition of the back seats?

“Asking for a friend.”

The fake taxi
The fake cab

Jack O’neill said: “Seats come with a special coating.

“Been done many times.”

Andy Dicks said: “Hope someone has washed the seats.”

And Jayven Rogers added: “Disabled entry ramp. 

“Fake Taxi is upping their game.”

The Fake Taxi website has gained a cult following since its inception in 2013. 

All videos follow a similar premise, starting with a conversation between the driver and a passenger. 

The male or female driver often times asks for sexual favours in return for a free taxi fare.

These favours then take place in the back of the taxi.

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