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UncategorizedTech Solutions: How They Have Been Helping Sustainability In Fashion Industry

Tech Solutions: How They Have Been Helping Sustainability In Fashion Industry

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There’s no denying that the fashion industry has dramatically increased in the last few months. Considering that it is one of the most polluting industries, it is extremely important to reduce its impact on the planet and work towards more sustainable fashion production. However, no matter how commendable they might be, it is pretty tricky to gauge whether these initiatives would be enough to turn things around. 

Nevertheless, the arrival and unexpected stay of COVID19 changed the entire game. It transformed the way we buy and sell. Yes, embracing sustainable fashion-tech was fated, but the pandemic increased its pace to a whole new level. 

And surprisingly, it has been way more helpful than was expected. Here’s how fashion-tech solutions transforming the industry by helping sustainability by making it:

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash
  • Accessible

Embracing tech has made the entire trade process incredibly seamless. Depending on the marketplace, buying and selling are accessible practically to anyone. Irrespective of the location, having a mere internet connection can help you buy or sell items within seconds. Now you don’t need to walk around the street, visiting store after store to fetch the vintage dress you had been longing for. Simply typing a few words would get you access to what you want. 

  • Easier 

Tech has made things pretty much very simple, proving the phrase, “one click away.” If you are a seller, simply uploading pictures, adding descriptions, and setting a price can get all your work done. While for the buyer, typing what they are looking for can get them a whole bunch of options. With a broader range of prospects, simplifying steps makes the whole circular model process easier.

  • Prompter 

Clicking an image, uploading the same with a price tag and a description, having multiple logs in one app, fast delivery system, and more fundamentally, conserves your time and effort, encouraging people to utilize it. Further, both sellers and buyers don’t have to leave their comfort zone to make a trade, and depending on the delivery modes the forum offers, they might even opt for easy retrievals as well. However, the chances of retrievals are less with virtual fitting options.

  • Long term affordability 

There are multiple ways to evaluate this. If you are selling or even buying, there is no doubt you are saving money by selling or buying pre-loved items. 

But if you take a step further, from a business owner’s perspective, embracing and implementing sustainable fashion-tech can be a barrier in its initial stages, considering the financial expenses. However, the tech does fetch you higher income down the lane.

While from a purchaser’s perspective, getting high-quality, sustainable clothes can be expensive, it even fetches the durability you might lack in fast-fashion clothing. 

Bottom Line

Sustainable fashion implies being thoughtful of our planet and its people. Though the industry has started embracing sustainability but changing the traditional way of functioning, there is a lot more work to be done to gauge whether the transition provides benefits for businesses, society, and the environment.

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