Friday, July 1, 2022
Top StoriesDopey driver parks car in middle of junction while out shopping

Dopey driver parks car in middle of junction while out shopping

A DOPEY driver parked his car in the middle of a junction while they went shopping.

Musician Geoff Mull spotted the light blue Mazda 2 abandoned on the motorist junction at Blackpool Retail Park, Lancashire.

The dozy driver, who was nowhere to be seen, appears to be unaware that they ditched their car right in the way of traffic turning into the road. 

Geoff, 30, captured a video of the bizarre sighting after spotting it whilst out shopping in December.

Sharing the video on TikTok, he wrote: “You can’t park there mate. Crazy!” 

The video has now collected over 1.9 million views, 66,000 likes and more than 900 comments from users who were left in stitches by the mishap. 

@ThePond said: “Good old Blackpool.”

@PiousFlint said: “Should have gone to Specsavers.”

@saircx said: “I’ve definitely done this before.” 

@GhettoReaper88 said: “Not surprising I had an old boy the other day pull up and park on a mini roundabout intending on going in a pub.” 

Car parked on a junction
The driver had abandoned their car right in the middle of a junction, seemingly believing it was a parking space.

Speaking today, Geoff, from Durham, County Durham, said: “I honestly thought I was seeing things.

“Me and my band members were laughing our heads off.

“It actually made our weekend and we spoke about it the following couple of weeks after.

“I had to double check that I wasn’t seeing things.

“I just thought to myself it was either a total mistake or sheer ignorance from the driver but I would love to see it being a general mistake and find the funny side of it.

“People can be very stereotypical and say that this was an old woman or an older person in general but it literally could’ve been anyone.” 

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