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Raith Rovers TV team quits over controversial David Goodwillie signing

MEDIA outlet RaithTV has quit over their team’s controversial signing of David Goodwillie, saying that the move has “trashed our reputation”.

The media outlet that covers Raith Rovers matches released a statement yesterday announcing the news after they signed following rapist Goodwillie earlier this week. 

After pouring thousands of hours into providing media coverage for the team, RaithTV said: “a recruitment decision this week has shattered all of that and trashed our reputation.”

Stark's Park
Stark’s Park, Kirkcaldy.

The media arm will cease work immediately and will transfer support emails from fans to the club’s office. 

They have however offered their return to the club if they make a u-turn on their latest signing of Goodwillie, 32. 

In a statement posted to social media last night, RaithTV said: “It is with deep sadness that the RaithTV team are withdrawing from their roles at Raith Rovers with immediate effect. 

“This has been a heartbreaking decision for us.

“Over the past few years, we have given thousands of hours to our club and made large personal sacrifices to develop a service that we were immensely proud of…

“On many fronts, the club has developed tremendously in the last few years. 

“The idea of a true ‘community club’ was coming into being before our eyes – the community foundation, the women’s set up, the Roary Club, to name but a few. We were glad to be there to document that.

The first page of the statement
The first page of the statement.

“At a stroke, a recruitment decision this week has shattered all of that, and trashed our reputation – not just locally, but internationally. 

“The decision, and statement that followed, has made clear that there is currently a single overriding value operating at the club: to win. 

“To win at any cost, regardless of the damage.

“This is not true sportsmanship, nor a value we think that any organisation should replicate.”

They continued: “We cannot, in good conscience, just go along with this – hoping the media storm will blow over, that people will become numb to it and then just go on broadcasting to the world footage of an individual with such a background representing us on the field. 

“We struggle to see a way back from this for our club, but are heartened that the vast majority of the Raith Rovers fans, and wider society, find this equally abhorrent.

“If the club reconsiders this decision, and provides a pathway to repairing some of the damage this has caused, we will be willing to consider returning to help the long path of recovery and to reconnect the thousands of Rovers fans across the globe to their club…”

In just a matter of hours the post has received over 2,300 likes and more than 350 retweets. 

The second page of the statement.
The second page of the statement.

Fans of the club were supportive of RaithTV’s decision and thanked them for their work over the years. 

Shaughan McGuigan said: “Thanks for everything you’ve done. 

“The service you put out was excellent, and will be hugely missed. 

“All the best.”

Iain Robb said: “You guys set the benchmark.

“All of us at Black & White TV are very grateful for everything you have done. 

“A massive decision you made and I applaud you for it.”

@Dragonborn_MUFC said: “Is there anyone left, apart from those four directors and the said player. 

“Was all this worth it? 

“Will his goals be enough to get them out of this exodus? 

“Community, families, friends all have left along with reputation, decency and support for the ladies.”

Iain Mackinnon said: “So sorry guys – your professional and knowledgeable commentaries were the envy of many clubs but totally understand your position.

“John McGlynn and the board have plunged the club into an unnecessary crisis which may never be resolved.”

“Thank you for all you have done.”

The signing of Goodwillie, who was ordered by a civil court to pay his victim £100,000 in damages, has caused anger from people within the club and fans.

Goodwillie has played the last four seasons at Clyde before his recent signing for an undisclosed fee at Raith Rovers.

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