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Hilarious video shows guilty-looking pup surrounded by chewed up pages from dog training book

A HILARIOUS video shows a guilty-looking Labrador surrounded by chewed up pages from a puppy training book and several stolen cans of beans.

Five-month-old Larry was filmed looking rather sheepish when his owner Sarah Hesketh arrived home in Wigan, Greater Manchester last month.

The shocked 29-year-old filmed the mess Larry had created to show her fiance Stewart Watson, 33, later that evening. 


In the clip, Larry can be seen looking up at Sarah with his puppy dog eyes before the camera moves around to show ripped up letters, towels and book pages.

Sarah then picks up Larry’s Puppy Care and Training book from the floor to find that the cheeky pooch had helped himself to several pages from the help guide.

Sarah can be heard saying: “What have you been doing?

“Your grandma’s puppy training book is no more, all the pages have been ripped out ironically.”

Larry the Labrador sleeping with his tongue out
Larry the Labrador sleeping after causing chaos in the kitchen.                                                        Credit: Sarah Hesketh

Larry then quickly retreats to his bed while laying rather awkwardly with his paws up – showing that he is aware he’s been caught.

Several cans of beans are shown surrounding him after the mischievous pup decided to help himself to some cans.

As the clip comes to an end, nurse Sarah is then heard, saying: “Tins of beans, bloody hell.”

Sarah posted the hilarious clip onto Facebook yesterday, writing: “Too funny not to share. 

“This is why we crate trained Larry.

“I was livid at the time and filmed it to show the other half what I’d walked into.”

The post has received hundreds of likes and comments from amused fellow dog owners.

One owner said: “I’m so sorry but I couldn’t help laughing. 

“The irony of that being the training book, the collection of tins and the look on his face were priceless.”

Another person said: “He clearly doesn’t think he needs training and fancied some beans, bless him.”

A third said: “Brilliant love the bed full of tins and couldn’t have picked a more appropriate book. The boy is comedy.”

One member of the group said: “Awww his face, sat in his bed of beans. Proud but knows he’s done wrong lol. Great video.”

Another said: “The cans of beans surrounding Larry in his bed is just the funniest.”

And one humoured pet owner joked: “Brilliant. Leave a tin opener the next time. He must’ve been feeling hungry.”

Speaking today, Sarah said: “I was livid at the time.

“We were trying to leave him for an hour or two each day to get him used to being alone for a short time.

“As you can see, that didn’t go so well. we crate trained him soon after and he settles really well in there when we leave the house.”

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