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Scottish Rugby Team predicted to beat England at Six Nations, according to 123kg seal

THE SCOTTISH Rugby Team are set to seal the deal against England, according to a 123kg seal.

Barrel-bellied seal Jinx from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, Cornwall, tipped Scotland to win the Saturday fixture without hesitation on Sunday. 

Video shows the six-year-old mammal instantly flopping towards Scotland’s saltire and shunning England’s St George’s cross flag when asked to choose.


Jinx’s decision came even after she started on the same side as the England flag and the animal care assistant tauntingly placed a bucket of fish behind it.

A previous predicting seal at the sanctuary, Banana, was replaced by Jinx after she mistakenly backed England to win the Euro 2020 Final against Italy in June.

Workers at the sanctuary are hoping that Jinx’s predictions are off the mark, with most backing England to win.

The sanctuary shared the video on TikTok yesterday, writing: “Jinx has placed her bet!” 

The post has since collected over 525,000 views and more than 31,000 likes.

Hundreds of animal lovers and rival rugby fans left comments on the clip.

Scottish Rugby’s official account said: “This wins TikTok for today.” 

TikTok user @LucyAnderson: “The fact you put the bucket of fish behind England and she still went for Scotland.” 

@JenThomas said: “Please let this be true.” 

Jinx the seal with a rugby ball
Jinx the seal, 6, backed Scotland to win the Six Nations bout on Saturday. (C) Cornish Seal Sanctuary

England Rugby’s official account said: “We forgive you Jinx.”

TikTok user @Nic said: “Umm, I think the seal ought to see a vet.”

@greatnorthernape said: “Definitely don’t take her down the bookies.” 

Speaking today, marketing manager at the sanctuary Georgina Shannon, said: “During the Euros we had a Banana predicting the scores but after she predicted England to win against Italy we decided to give Jinx a chance to see how she does. 

“It’s a good activity to get the brain working for them and it’s a good part of enrichment and care. 

“A lot of our staff are hoping her predictions aren’t very good, but we’ll have to wait and see. 

“A lot of people have noticed the bucket of fish behind the England flag, so she’s definitely not just moving towards the fish.” 

Animal care assistant Polly Frier said: “The seals are trained to go to the station markers so we can move them around and use them to do husbandry training which is positive mental stimulation for the seals, so they don’t recognise the flags and go with the one they want, hence the predictions.”

Scotland play host to England at a sold-out Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh on Saturday to kick off their respective Six Nations campaigns. 

The two teams will go head to head for the Calcutta Cup which the teams have competed for since 1879.

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