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5 Truths About Baby Formula & Formula-Fed Babies

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Breastfeeding is the best option for babies, but this feeding method is not always possible. Infant formula can be the only alternative for many parents in such cases. The wide range of formulas from different brands helps find the best suitable option for the babies depending on their nutritional needs. And although it seems that we know everything about this product, in fact, it is not exactly.

1. Infant formula is a substitute for breast milk

Most parents think that infant formula is completely similar to breast milk. But it is not. Even the best-quality formula with a good, balanced composition, vitamins, and minerals is inferior in its suitability to breast milk. But what should be underlined is that organic baby formula is a safe alternative. There are different types of formulas with and without additives. The most easily digestible formula is made with goat’s milk, while cow’s milk is more difficult to digest.

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2. Vegetable oil in infant formula is necessary

Most formulas contain vegetable oils (sunflower oil, canola oil, rapeseed oil), and in particular, many manufacturers use palm oil. Of course, this confuses consumers, who consider it harmful and unsuitable for an infant. In fact, no one pours liters of palm oil into the formula. It is not added to it in its pure form at all. Palmitic acid is extracted from it. Palmitic acid is natural vegetable fat. And it is essential for the growth and development of the baby. Manufacturers use palmitic acid, a fermented fraction of palm or coconut oil, to make formula closer to natural nutrition and the palmitic acid in breast milk.

3. Vegan baby formula options

There are not so many brands producing 100% vegan baby foods. The vegan formula is primarily available online and can be more expensive than regular milk formula. Many vegans choose for their babies soy-based infant formula. Some of them consist of rice, corn, almonds, and coconut protein. Parents who prefer vegan baby formula should always check the labels’ composition because some soy infant formula contains animal fats.

4. Milk formula should not be prepared in advance

Some parents prepare the formula milk in advance and think there are no side effects for their babies` health. But such food is unacceptable for babies. Feeding with such a formula can lead to digestive disorders in the child. Therefore, there is less benefit in the pre-cooked formula. Milk formula for newborns should be prepared just before use.

5. A consultation with your pediatrician will help you choose the right formula

If you think buying baby formula is the same as buying regular foodstuff, this is a huge mistake. Parents should choose infant formula only following the pediatrician’s recommendations. The doctor performs an examination, prescribes tests, studies the infant’s health record to exclude allergies, intolerances, or lack of weight in a child.

However, infant formula can not completely replace breast milk, but it is a safe and nutritional substitute for many babies who have switched to formula feeding for various reasons. Choose the right infant formula for your baby’s balanced diet and be healthy!


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