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Degrees of Gynecomastia – ZTY Health Istanbul

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Gynecomastia is the enlargement of breast tissue in men. Having feminine breast contours gives discomfort to the person both physically and psychologically. In parallel, the breasts of each male may enlarge unevenly. Therefore, gynecomastia degrees were defined. Questions such as what is the level of gynecomastia, the grade of gynecomastia or the degree of gynecomastia should be answered. In this article, we will shortly discuss these questions.

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Gynecomastia is classified into three degrees. Questions of patients about the degree of their gynecomastia should be answered based on the photos they send. The patient should be then examined and the degree and the grade of the male breast should be determined.

Gynecomastia has three degrees: The first degree gynecomastia, the second degree gynecomastia and the third degree gynecomastia.

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How to measure the degree of gynecomastia:

Gynecomastia has three degrees: The first degree is mild proliferation of fatty tissue in breast. The second degree is the swelling of mammary glands. The third degree gynecomastia, on the other hand, involves both the proliferation of fatty tissue and abnormal growth in glands, that is, mammary glands. You should consult with an aesthetics surgeon to measure your level. In order to get information remotely, the photos that clearly show the breast area should be sent online to the doctor. Thus, the level can be determined.

First-Degree Gynecomastia

First-degree gynecomastia is a case where the fatty tissue in male breast increases. In this case, which we also refer to as the first grade, the circumference of the male breast swells due to fatty tissue and the male breast gets a feminine appearance. This turns into a psychological problem, often referred to as gynecomastia that causes distress in males.

The treatment of patients with the first-degree gynecomastia can often give good results with liposuction from breast. Liposuction process is applied for this purpose. The recovery period in the first-degree gynecomastia is short. The male breast problem is eliminated during the recovery period, which takes an average of two weeks. In fact, the patient can get up on the second day and continue his normal life. What we are talking about here is the final result. During this period, the patient should wear a medical corset for two weeks.

Second-Degree Gynecomastia

Second-degree gynecomastia is the degree of gynecomastia that requires the excision of breast gland and mammary glands in addition to the first-degree gynecomastia. It is the most common type of gynecomastia in males. In surgeries performed for the types of gynecomastia, not only fatty tissue, but also mammary gland will be excised. Because this area may look swollen.

Males with the second-degree gynecomastia can recognize this difference more clearly than those with the first-degree gynecomastia. The nipple may be firmer and harder and sometimes, nipple discharge may occur.

Although liposuction technique is applied to patients with second-degree gynecomastia, mammary gland  is excised with a small incision to the nipple. No scar is left on the male breastfollowing this procedure because the incision is made along the line of areola and stitches are made to the same area.

The recovery period of the second-degree gynecomastia will also take an average of two weeks. In this period, the patient should wear a medical corset for two weeks.

Third-Degree Gynecomastia

The situation is slightly different in patients with third-degree gynecomastia. Males with third-degree gynecomastia also have sagging breasts.

In addition to other procedures, breast lift operation is applied to cases of third-degree gynecomastia. In other words, excess skin in the male breast is removed. This area, where the excess skin is excised, is reshaped with stretching and thus, the final form of the male breast is obtained.

Surgeries of third-degree gynecomastia take longer. In this operation, the patient will wear a medical corset for two weeks. He will stay in the hospital overnight. Upon general check-up, he will be discharged one day after the operation. The patient is given an appointment for the final check-up four days later and is examined and is informed about what to pay attention to.

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