Wednesday, June 29, 2022
BusinessJohn Crabbie & Co announces limited whisky release from capital distillery

John Crabbie & Co announces limited whisky release from capital distillery

LEADING Scotch whisky brand John Crabbie & Co has announced a limited release from its capital-based distillery.

The inaugural release from the Chain Pier Distillery in Edinburgh has just 234 bottles entering the market.

The first Single Malt to be produced in Edinburgh for almost 100 years, Chain Pier Single Malt will be the first release from the Granton-based site.

Over the year that the Chain Pier Distillery was operational, there was a yield of just 39 casks, making this release one of the scarcest launches to date.

Crabbie's Chain Pier Single Malt bottle.
The whisky is limited to just 234 bottles on the market.                                                   (C) Burt Greener Communications

The Granton site was set up by Halewood Artisanal Spirits as an experimental pilot distillery whilst the larger Bonnington distillery for Crabbie Whisky was still under construction.

It has all been distilled on site using a 500 litre copper pot still, and is available to order from specialist whisky shops for a RRP of £65.

Halewood Artisanal Spirits is an award-winning UK-based craft distiller whose premium brands include Whitley Neill Gin, City of London Gin and Dead Man’s Fingers spiced rum.

The business operates 10 artisanal distilleries across the UK, Russia and South Africa with a £400m+ turnover, over 950 employees globally.

James Stocker, Marketing Director at Halewood Artisanal Spirits comments said: “The Chain Pier distillery was operational for just a year, between 2018 and 2019.

“Yet, it gave our team a great opportunity to continue John Crabbie’s legacy of innovation – handcrafting unique distillations and trialling everything from malt types to custom casks.

“The launch of the Chain Pier Single Malt is an incredibly exciting step in the John Crabbie & Co journey, as the Malt Whisky that we have crafted from start to finish at a site of our own.

“The quality of the liquid is really testament our distilling team and Master Blender Dr Kirstie McCallum, and a great preview of what’s to come from the Crabbie whisky brand”.

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