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Hilarious video shows takeaway worker throwing Parmesan at sleeping visitor to wake him

A HILARIOUS video shows a takeaway worker trying to wake up a sleeping visitor by throwing Parmesan cheese at his face.

Customer Jordan Robertson filmed the clip as a staff member tried to rouse the sleeping man at Madras Grill in Paisley, Renfrewshire, on Monday.

Footage shows the man laying horizontally across a chair in the waiting area of the takeaway restaurant while resting his head on a Farmfoods shopping bag.


The worker is shown throwing handfuls of Parmesan on the man’s face while shouting: “excuse me”. 

The snoozy man appears to be in such a deep sleep he barely moves while customers can be heard laughing.

The member of staff then gives the man’s leg a light pull causing him to roll of the chair and fall to the ground – with a hand still in his pocket

Finally awake, the dazed and confused punter is met by the worker telling him: “This is a shop, not a f****** guest house.”

The man, who appears to be inebriated, still lying flat on his back, points his finger up to him and says: “Who the f*** you are?

“You f****cheeky b*****.

“Ah, you f****cheeky b*****.”

The sleeping man
The sleeping man resting his head on a Farmfoods bag.            c. Jordan Robertson

As the clip comes to an end the man slowly begins to get up.

Another video shows the member of staff poking his unwanted guest with a yellow floor sign.

Jordan posted the video on Twitter on Monday, writing: “Hahaha, what a nick.”

The clip has attracted over 56,000 views and more than 2,300 likes.

Social media users were left in stitches and left comments about how the man had been “seasoned”.

@aidentraynor2 said: “Hand in the pocket the whole time.”

@rymoffat said: “Giving the boy a light dusting of Parmesan.”

@mcbadyin said: “Fully thought he was seasoning him.”

@Cawley_11 said: “Light dusting of cheddar.”

@JohnMci30085177 said: “Your man’s got a pair of Crocs on in it.”

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