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Shocking video shows impatient commuter telling blind doctor he is “worse than a dog”

A SHOCKING video shows an impatient commuter telling a blind doctor he is “worse than a dog” because he couldn’t move his guide dog on a moving escalator.

Dr Amit Patel shared a video on Twitter yesterday showing a male commuter getting annoyed because he couldn’t skip past the pair in the London Underground.

In the clip, filmed by another person travelling down the escalator, Dr Patel, 41, is shown standing on one of the escalator steps with his guide dog, Kika.

Another man can be seen standing on the metal step right behind the Labrador and getting irate when the pooch remains still and won’t move out of the way.

The man then appears to mumble something, prompting Dr Patel to politely ask: “Sorry?”

The man then responds aggressively, saying: “You’re worse than a dog if you don’t understand the human being. 

“I want to catch the train.”

Dr Patel, from Greenwich, south-east London, replies: “Yes, but I can’t move.

“She’s a guide dog.”

The impatient commuter then gestures for him to get Kika to move out of the way to let him pass.

But Dr Patel tells him: “I can’t physically move.

“She’s not going to move.

“There’s no point arguing.”

The man then remains silent as the escalator continues for another few seconds while the pair go their separate ways.

Dr Patel, who lost his sight nine years ago, posted the clip onto his Twitter account, writing: “Why do some people get so angry? 

“This guy may have forgotten what he said by the time he got on the tube, but it ruined my day. 

“You can hear in my voice just how stressed I was.

“I’d never endanger @Kika_GuideDog or myself by attempting to move on an escalator.

“Please, be kind.”

The doctor with his guide dog
Dr Patel was baffled by the commuters words.

The post has been viewed over 871,000 times and received over 26,000 likes.

Thousands of viewers have left comments on the post and shown their support for the doctor.

@Ashishskynews said: “I’m sorry you and Kika had to endure this Amit. 

“Intolerant, ignorant, impatient people are the worst.”

@dog_gem said: “Amit I’m sorry you and Kika had to deal with this. 

“Good on the other passenger for filming it. 

“I really hope they will also stand as a witness if you decide to report this individual to the police. 

“Come on TfL time for some awareness posters on the tube.”

@cburwitz said: “I’m sorry that you had to endure that again. 

“People need to learn basic skills again. 

“If one is late, don’t blame it on other people.

“Disabled or not. 

“He probably would have pushed someone else aside.”

@ianmac67_SE said: “I’ve seen some appalling behaviour on the Tube escalators but this has to be the worst. 

“Being inpatient doesn’t necessarily get you where you want to be any quicker; as you’re more likely to have an accident through rushing. 

“People need to be more tolerant and more aware.”

The medical doctor lost his vision when he was 33-years-old but now works to enlighten the public about what life is like when you have a sight impairment. 

In 2020 Dr Patel published a book about his life with his guide dog Kika. 

He said: “I live an ordinary life thanks to one extraordinary dog. 

“Kika opened up the world to me again. 

“She’s made what once seemed impossible possible.”

Talking about the moment he lost his sight, he said: “I drove home one day, had dinner with my wife, woke up Thursday and completely lost my sight.

“It was due to a hemorrhage in the back of my eyes.”

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