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Incredible drone footage shows month-old orca calf playing off the coast of Scots island

INCREDIBLE drone footage shows a month-old orca calf swimming around with its parents off the coast of a Scots Island. 

Hugh Harrop captured the amazing video by Fladdabister, south Shetland on Monday showing the newborn calf surfacing and playing alongside the rest of the pod. 

The 52-year-old naturalist said he was “physically shaking” whilst recording the calf splashing and playing alongside its matriarch mother, known as “Razor”.

The energetic calf was captured zooming around whilst the rest of the pod, known as the 65s, glided through the dark blue Scottish waters.

The adults majestically surface from time to time splashing up through the water and blowing spray from their blowhole

At one point Razor stops swimming and floats near the surface of the ocean, which Hugh, from Shetland, Northern Isles, believes is her attempt at nursing the calf. 

However the young whale takes no interest and continues speeding around the calm Shetland waters. 

The calf is shown with orange tinges on its white markings which have not yet developed thick blubber, a tell-tale sign that it is still very young. 

The sex of the young whale is not yet known and it will likely be years before this can be determined.

Speaking today, Hugh said: “I was physically shaking when I was recording. 

Orca calf in the water
Hugh Harrop captured the incredible footage on a drone.                                                                 Credit: Hugh Harrop

“To be able to see it and film it was utterly incredible. 

“To be able to watch and observe their daily actions is just amazing.

“It looks as though the mother, Razor, is ready to nurse the calf, but the calf isn’t having any of it. 

“It’s just swimming around exploring its new surroundings. 

“It’s quite moving to watch, they’re almost like a second family to me. 

“I’ve photographed orcas I’ve previously known as calves that are now 20-years-old so it does almost feel like an extended family.” 

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