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Stunning images show Northern Lights dazzling behind Callanish Stones

STUNNING images show the Northern Lights dazzling around the Callanish Stones in Scotland.

Amateur photographer Neil Barker captured the incredible moment on the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, last week. 

The 59-year-old said he was mesmerised after spotting the vibrant green and purple sky above the 5,000-year-old stones.

Northern Lights above the Callanish Stones
Neil captured the stunning images on the Isle of Lewis last night.                                                             (C) Neil Barker

The tall gneiss stones, also known as the Calanais Standing Stones, stand out against the bright neon-lime green glow behind.

The stone formation was the real-life inspiration for the Craigh Na Dun Standing Stones featured in hit TV series, Outlander.

In the show, characters including Claire Fraser, played by Caitriona Balfe, use the stones to travel back in time.

Neil, from Breasclete, Isle of Lewis. posted the incredible images on social media last night, writing: “The Mirrie Dancers from Callanish tonight. 

“The centre was closed but the lights were on!” 

The post has now collected over 800 likes with dozens of shares and comments from users who were in awe of the images. 

Katie Sneddon said: “The stones look amazing with the aurora in the background!”

Yvonne Evans said: “Wow, absolutely stunning photos. I wish I’d been there, it’s such a very special place, thanks for sharing.”

Jill MacLachlan said: “Glorious photos, thank you.”

Alexandrina Styles said: “Absolutely stunning!”

Ellison Dunn said: “Wowser, stunning magical photos. Thank you so much for sharing these amazing photos.” 

Northern Lights above the Callanish Stones
Neil said he was “absolutely mesmerised” by the scene.                                                                             (C) Neil Barker

Speaking today mature student Neil said: “It’s not always like that, often there’s a green glow on the horizon but to actually get that and see vertical shots day up and down was incredible. 

“I was absolutely mesmerised. It made me glad I was here at the stones, being a mature archaeology student the sense of place and time really struck me. 

“On occasions I get exposure wrong or the lights aren’t so clear but last night was my best photos. The sky just lit up and it was fantastic. 

“As well as Orkney and Stonehenge it’s probably one of the best stone circles sights in the country.” 

The Callanish Stones are arranged in alignments of avenues and a central circle, similar to a Celtic cross.

The popular landmark served as the inspiration for the fake circle used in the Outlander.

A showrunner revealed that the stones used in the show were actually made of Styrofoam.

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