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UncategorizedThe Surprising Reason Why Scottish Real Estate Is Soaring in Price

The Surprising Reason Why Scottish Real Estate Is Soaring in Price

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Real estate can be one of the trickiest markets to navigate, especially for those who are new to the industry. Despite this, thousands of people every year embark on this venture with the hopes of becoming the next Lee Shau Kee, and there is a good reason why.

Real estate can be one of the most rewarding sectors out there for investors, albeit also coming with its fair share of huge risks. With that in mind, Scottish real estate has apparently become very attractive and sought after by investors – new and experienced as one. Let’s try to understand exactly why.

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Growing Demand & a Dwindling Supply

Almost all areas in Scottish real estate are sky-rocketing, and as of now, there seem to be no signs of this slowing. cites Scottish commercial property investment as being up by over a quarter last year, at a whopping 27% growth.

This growth is not only relegated to commercial real estate, and in fact, all sectors boast similar statistics. Ofir Bar, a veteran investor with a net worth of over $150 million, explains that sometimes this is a type of prophecy that fulfills itself, meaning that the hype around Scottish real estate might have also caused a snowball effect, bringing more and more investors interested in becoming a part of this success in.

A Lucrative Opportunity (For Those Who Can Afford It)

For those who are able to come up with enough capital to allocate a sizable investment into Scottish real estate, there is a lucrative opportunity on the horizon. Scottish real estate is in high demand for a plethora of reasons, with perhaps the most notable being its abundance of open space and countryside.

There are few locations around the globe that are on one hand as scarcely developed as Scotland, and on the other hand going through a massive wave of development. Because of its mostly untouched landscape and wildlife, Scotland manages to capture the eyes of both opportunistic investors and future homeowners.

Taking a step further, Scotland also has one type of property that few other nations offer; castles.

Scottish castles are one of the most potential-filled investments out there today, and
while this might be out of reach for most casual investors, it provides a prime
opportunity for already successful businessmen who are looking to further their

Scotland Is Only Going to Become More Profitable

Ofir Bar continues and states: “I’ve had my eye on Scottish real estate for a while now, and I can tell you that in the past few months, it has become a sort of playground for millionaire real-estate investors, spiking prices even higher up.”

With all of these seasoned experts showing their faith in Scottish real estate, there is no doubt that this upward trend is not going to change anytime soon.

Due to the growing demand for natural environments and wide-open spaces, as well as the ever-dwindling supply of locations to facilitate constructions, Scotland has truly become a dream for investors who like to edge on the side of caution.

In particular, the areas that are likely to see the most growth going forward are the residential & commercial sectors, with these being able to gain the most benefit from Scotland’s advantages.

The bottom line

While we do see a lot of potential in Scottish real estate, it is important to say that only fools can predict the future. Two years ago, nobody predicted that a virus would shut down the global economy. Thus, even if this article has got you eyeing the prairies and hills of Scotland, you should invest carefully and consult professionals as you do it.

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