Saturday, July 2, 2022
Top StoriesBarman throws lime before knocking it into pint covering punter in booze

Barman throws lime before knocking it into pint covering punter in booze

A HILARIOUS video shows a bartender throwing around a lime before accidentally knocking it into a pint – leaving a punter covered in booze.

John Oates said he felt so guilty after the blunder in Murtaghs bar in Kingscourt Co Cavan, Ireland, last Friday. 

CCTV shows the 20-year-old playing around with the piece of fruit behind the bar by throwing it up into the air and catching it.

His colleagues are shown having a conversation behind him as he casually flips it around just inches from two punters who are enjoying pints together.

The bartender then misjudges his catch and the lime slips out of his hand and hits directly into one of the customer’s pints.

The pint spills right over the bar and male customer jumps back after being left soaked by the incident.

John posted the video on TikTok on Sunday, writing: “Reason number one why I shouldn’t work behind the bar.” 

The clip has now collected over 360,000 views and more than 19,500 likes.

John dropping the lime onto pint
The whole pint was knocked over the unsuspecting punter.                                                                       (C) John Oates

Hundreds of viewers left comments after being left in stitches by the unfortunate mishap.

One TikTok user said: “How did it manage to get that much power to knock the pint over is what I’m wondering.”

Another said: “Why did you even try to catch it like that?” 

One social media user said: “Yay, it’s a goal.” 

And another wrote: “This has to be karma, that lime had an agenda.” 

Speaking today, John, from Kingscourt Co Cavan, Ireland, said: “I felt very bad at first and guilty. 

“I gave them both a pint straight away and helped clean up the mess.” 

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