Thursday, August 11, 2022
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CCTV shows person getting dragged over gate and upside down by tumble dryer

CCTV captured the moment a dozy man fell backwards over a gate after trying to carry a heavy tumble dryer on his shoulder.

Garry Donald was left in stitches when he discovered the bungle on his security cam footage last month.

The video shows a man picking up Garry’s old dryer from outside his house in Darlington, County Durham, and attempting to carry it on his shoulder.

The man then bounces it on his shoulder to stabilise the appliance to carry but the weight ends up proving too much.

In a split second the white dryer falls backwards – while the man continues to cling on to it.

He is then dragged backwards over the gate before being spun around on his head, with his hands still holding onto the piece of scrap.

His feet can then be seen pointing up in the air after being dragged completely upside down.

The man’s friend then starts grabbing onto his feet to pull him back safely before the pair give up and leave the problematic dryer laying on its side back in Garry’s garden.

Garry, 28, posted the video to TikTok last month writing: “When you leave a dryer out for rag-bone men.” 

The post has now collected over 72,000 views and thousands of likes from social media users.

The man falling over the gate
The tumble dryer pulled the person backwards over the fence and turned them completely upside down. (C) Garry Donald 

Viewers were quick to leave jokes about the tumble on the post.

@ElizabethRussell568 said: “Ouch, that hurt.”

@booy said: “That’s the best thing I’ve seen all day.”

@PaulWright said: “Sometimes you just need to learn to let go.”

@billyboy5526 said: “Auto spin was on a timer.”

@LeeBrooker556 said: “He took a ‘tumble’.” 

@NicoleHarris said: “Watched this about 10 times and can’t stop laughing.”

@Tealy said: “Dryer must still be plugged in.” 

Speaking today, Garry said: “I heard the bang on the fence and ran to the window as they were driving away and saw the dryer back on the other side of the fence.

“I watched my CCTV back and was in stitches of laughter.

“It was only put out for scrap because it broke the day before, I’m so glad it broke now.”

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