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Gender reveal goes horribly wrong – balloon pops before making it home

HILARIOUS video shows the moment a couple’s gender reveal balloon spontaneously burst just moments after it was taken out of the car.

Doorbell footage captured Anthony Cole in complete dismay after the £30 balloon exploded just seconds before it was brought into his home in Bristol two weeks ago.

The 29-year-old had only just picked the balloon up from the scanning studio for he and his wife Lois’s gender reveal party later on that day.

In the clip, Anthony was filmed taking the balloon out from the back of his car and holding onto the base of the balloon as he walked towards the front door.

But in a sick twist of fate, just as the soon-to-be dad is about to walk in the balloon completely bursts – leaving hundreds of pieces of blue confetti on his doorstep.

Just as this happens, Lois, 27, can be heard screaming “no” after watching the whole blunder happen from the doorstop.

Looking completely defeated, HGV driver Anthony says: “I didn’t pop it.

“F*** sake.”

Anthony takes the balloon out of his car
Anthony takes the balloon out of his car.

Focussing on their exciting news, Lois then laughs and says: “It’s a boy.”

Despite Lois seeing the funny side of the situation, Anthony appears less than impressed by the mishap.

He can then be heard saying: “what a f****** joke”, before walking down the driveway in disbelief.

He says: “that was not funny” before paralegal Lois, who is due in July, replies: “Not funny but it’s a laugh.

“What did you hit it on?

“Clear it up.”

The balloon bursts
The balloon bursts.

After kicking the driveway, Anthony replies: “Oh yeah, clear it up.

“It’s f*****g everywhere.”

Anthony posted the video onto TikTok last week, captioned: “When the gender reveal goes wrong.”

The clip has received over 1.1 million views and over 78,000 shares on the video platform.

Thousands of viewers left comments on the post after feeling sorry for Anthony.

One social media user said: “At least it was caught on camera showing that he didn’t do anything.

“She wouldn’t have ever believed him otherwise.

“You live another day my friend.”

Anthony kicks the burst balloon
Anthony kicks the burst balloon in disbelief.

Another wrote: “You’ll look back and laugh, that’s all that mattered.”

One viewer said: “Emotional damage, that man was hurt”

While another said: “Just show the video to everyone when they turn up.”

And another viewer commented: “He’s pretending to be p****d off because he had one job and he doesn’t want to get in trouble.

“But you can see he’s thrilled.”

Anthony replied: “So true, over the moon it’s a boy.”

Speaking today, Anthony spoke about the anti-climax of the gender reveal: “The reveal was rubbish to be fair, as we couldn’t lie at the end. We told them what happened.

Anthony and Lois
Anthony and Lois Cole.

“We showed them [family and friends] the video and they all laughed.

“They said it would only happen to me.

“Lois was happy and found it funny.

“She also said that it would only happen to me.”

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