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Hilarious video shows pup refusing to drop sex toy she found at park

A HILARIOUS video shows a cheeky Labrador running off and refusing to drop a large sex toy that she found at a park.

Dominique Glover said she “nearly died from embarrassment” when Daisy came running towards her with the raunchy toy between her teeth last week.

The 43-year-old had just dropped her daughter off at school and was walking through a park in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, when she spotted Daisy with the X-rated piece.

She started filming as she tried to coax the nine-month-old pup into dropping the fluorescent item – with no success.

In the clip, Daisy is shown wagging her tail in excitement as she runs around the park with the Rampant Rabbit.

Whilst trying not to laugh, Dominique can be heard shouting: “It’s dirty, put it down.

“Look, come and get this treat. Come and get your ball.”

Completely uninterested in giving up her new toy, the Lab continues to ignore Dominique and runs away with the adult toy flopping around in her mouth.

Dominique posted the video on Facebook yesterday, writing: “When you’re on your daily field play and your dog thinks it’s found the best toy ever and comes back with this (mortified). No Daisy, that’s not a dog toy.”

The post has now collected over 650 likes and more than 200 comments from dog owners who were left in stitches by the clip.

Nicola Jones said: “I’m literally howling. Where in God’s name did she find that?

“Great alternative to a stick though, I can see the resemblance.”

Jane Howley said: “That is hilarious, although I’m not sure I would be laughing if it was my dog.”

Lynn Williams said: “ I would leave her to it, I don’t fancy wrestling that off her.

Daisy holding the sex toy in her mouth
Daisy was well pleased with her discovery.

“What the bloody hell is that doing outside in this weather and they are not cheap (so my friend said obviously).

“I think at puppy school when they said it’s ok to chase rabbits she got the wrong end of the stick.”

Donna Woodford said: “That’s hilarious, don’t let her lick your face until she’s brushed her teeth.”

And Sophia Bearman said: “Someone had a brilliant Valentine’s Day.”

Speaking today Dominique revealed that she managed to lure Daisy to drop the toy with a ball and treat before quickly putting her leash on and leaving the toy in the field.

She said: “I took Daisy for her morning run and play on the playing field.

“She ran off and came running back with this huge pink object wiggling around in her mouth.

“As I got closer to her I saw the battery buttons and realised it wasn’t a dog toy she had found, it was infact a vibrator.

“Daisy was very proud of her find  and of course decided to run off and make me chase her to get her to put it down and leave it.

“The more I tried  to get it off her the more excited she got and the more she ran and jumped with it.

“It highly amused passers by and workmen working close by, my god I felt so embarrassed.

“I eventually got her to drop it by bribing her with a ball  and a dog treat. I put her lead back on and left the field rather red faced.”

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