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Signs You Should Call a Dryer Cleaner to Clean Your Air Ducts

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The HVAC system cleans the air in your home by trapping dust and dirt, and it cools and warms the air with the changing seasons. This increases the comfort of your home and protects you from respiratory complications. To keep your dryer vent functioning well, you need to be cleaned regularly by a dryer cleaner.

This is because ducts trap dirt and start to clog after some time becoming less effective. Most homeowners are not keen on their home appliances, so they might fail to check the ducts for dirt. Luckily, the system will show these signs that it is dirty and requires cleaning. When you see these signs call a professional dryer cleaner to clean them.

  1. Mold

Mold grows in damp areas, and if you notice mold in your ductwork, it is enough sign that you should schedule a cleaning session. Living with mold can cause health problems to your family. This is because the mold particles are blown into the rooms together with clean air. Family members with respiratory allergies and asthma could experience more discomforts. The mold also causes coughing and sneezing, leading to watery eyes. To protect your family members from worse and more painful infections, ensure a dryer cleaner cleans your ductwork.

  1. Dirty Vents

Dirty vents are apparent signs that your vent cleaning is overdue. Using a flashlight, check for dust and dirt inside the vents. Ducts that were cleaned a long time ago will also be dirty outside. Also, avoid trying to clean the dust inside the vents if you don’t have the right tools and skills. Loosening the dust worsens the problem because more particles will be blown into the rooms together with air. Besides, pets’ hair and fur also form debris and can cause allergies to family members.

  1. Rodents And Other Insect Infestation

Insects, rodents, and other animals find their way into the HVAC system through unclosed duct openings. If it happens, the rodents start leaving their urine and droppings in the system. Others die in there and begin to rot. The waste materials and decaying bodies cause odors into the room, making it uncomfortable to live in the house. If you hear any rodents or insects running around inside the system, hire a professional cleaner to do the work. The vent cleaning company should also treat the system to ensure no more insect infestation.

  1. Respiratory Issues Among Family Members

If your family members are getting more frequent asthma attacks, or if you notice increased sneezing and coughing, it could be because of dirty vents. The most common reasons for sneezing and coughing is mold particles, dust, and pets’ fur being blown into the rooms. The sneezes are uncomfortable to live with, and they can cause more significant problems. Get to know how your family members feel about the air, whether it feels fresh or is causing more problems.

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