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Best Vitamins for Depression

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At some stages of our lives, we all get tired of our lives. We do not like to participate in the happenings anymore. Things become meaningless and the meanings of life start getting changed.

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At such stages, one needs to be extra cautious. Thi is because these are the times when one learns how to move ahead. When a person is depressed, he feels like nothing is charming in his life. In this article, you will find those vitamins that can help you protect from the feelings that we call depression.

Symptoms of Depression

Anxiety, lack of interest in activities, change in behavior, and stress are the symptoms of depression. If you find any of these symptoms in a person, they are going through a difficult phase of life. 

To deal with depression, certain vitamins can help you. These vitamins include vitamin D and many others. If your body lacks these vitamins, you will not come out of depression. Let’s dig into these vitamins and know how they lessen depression.

Vitamins B

A human’s body needs eight different B vitamins for good health. If any of these are lacking, you will feel the change in your behavior. Vitamins B reduces anxiety and pressure on the mind. It lessens the stress and proves that those who take vitamin B  in excess do not get stressed and anxious. 

Similarly, Vitamin B12 manages the mood of a person. It has a strong connection with the mind of a person. Vitamin B2 controls anxiety and helps in brain care. It helps in remembering the information for a long time. You will find vitamin B12 in fish and lean poultry.

Vitamin C

We all know how beneficial vitamin C is for our immune system. However, today you will learn about how beneficial vitamin C is for the brain. The deficiency of vitamin C is directly associated with stress and anxiety. Moreover, by taking vitamin C, you can manage cortisol levels in your body. 

Vitamin D

Our mood disorders are closely linked with vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a vital role in performing body functions. In case of low levels of vitamin D, the anxiety and stress will be high. 

Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D. Other than this, you will find vitamin D in dairy and plant milk, fish, and beef liver.


The human brain needs magnesium for its proper functioning. If you are not taking magnesium, you will face anxiety and depression. Commonly, most people do not take magnesium. They are not well aware of its role and benefits. 

Besides managing the brain functions, it also lessens the symptoms of depression and leads towards a happy life. Magnesium is present in beans, nuts, rice, and cashews. 

Omega 3

Another important supplement in this regard is omega 3. Omega 3 helps in reducing stress and depression. It comes in DHA and EPA. It helps protect mental health and reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. 

Our brain needs serotonin for the better regulation of our moods. DHA plays a vital role in the production of serotonin. Thus, it helps in regulating mood and reducing stress. Omega 3 is present in oily fish and seaweed.

Final Thoughts 

Wrapping it up, these vitamins and supplements play a crucial role in the working mechanism of our brain. Our mood and behavior are highly dependent on these essential vitamins. To avoid depression and relax your mind, you must take these vitamins in your daily diet. Moreover, keeping a balanced diet and essential vitamins are also necessary for the healthy functioning of the brain.

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